Monday, June 20, 2011

Play Laugh Dream Games SCRABBLE onesie!

Howdy folks, how was your weekend? A definite highlight of mine was being caught in the middle of a toddler-mosh-pit large crowd of very young people and their respective parents/minders plus a squillion prams all jostling for position. For what purpose? Why, Dora the Explorer of course! Yes folks, she who once happily idled away a sunny Saturday reading lifestyle magazines on the beach now finds herself surrounded by hundreds of screaming children, all waving their hands in the air singing "backpack, backpack!" All except my daughter, who was as overwhelmed as I and burst into tears and Elliott - who (ensconced in his new $27 stroller from Kmart which he loves way more than his $1700 Bugaboo - go figure) upon polishing off a packet of Tiny Teddies, a Mandarin and a Sao began to look less than impressed, I beelined for the nearest exit and marched us all to Sushi, where we happily decorated the restaurant and selves with rice. Rice + tuna + seaweed = more mess than I can possibly hope to understand...

But this weekend, I also got to work on a new design I've been contemplating (and which you probably know about, if you have joined my new Facebook Page  -- if not, please do, I am having my first giveaway and launching some more goodies on there this week!).

It's a...... Scrabble onesie! Trust me, you cannot find Scrabble fabric anywhere (I've tried) and the only way I could find of doing this was to invent the process myself, and so I did!

I constructed this onesie from little hand-cut pieces of felt which I appliqued to the onesie and then carefully hand painted the wording with a permanent ink! It took a while to get the pieces right... but I think the effort was worth it! I see much potential with this design -- there are just so many fun things you could do to play around with the wording!

I was originally inspired by this image which you could easily reproduce in YOUR nursery using the inexpensive Scrabble letting available at Typo for about $4 each:


My interpretation? Check it:

from my Bubby Makes Three store - $22
The best part is, this design is gender neutral so would make a great gift for somebody expecting a bub; you could go to town on the wording! The onesie is designed to be worn, but I rather imagine it hung in a nursery on a sweet little hanger as a unique little 'artwork'!

I'm open to custom orders on this one -- contact me to discuss your ideas!

ps. It's not the first time I've dabbled in a bit of Scrabble inspired fun... I made the artwork below from a little square canvas I painted black, and glued some vintage Scrabble pieces I sourced in an antique store:

I'd love your feedback!


  1. Cute! I love the scrabble letter tiles, might look into that, we've got a typo nearby!

    Off to become a facebook fan now....

  2. It's very cute Nicole. I actually have a Scrabble font on my computer which might make the process easier for you so you don't have to hand paint each letter. Let me know if you want me to try and figure out how to send it to you... x

  3. Absolutely LOVE IT you are too clever my dear...this is an awesome idea x

  4. Nicole, I don't quite know what I like more - the adorable finished product, or the fact that you couldn't find what you wnated so you just got stuck in there and made it! I think I like both! x

  5. Love your onesie, such a great idea!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Good luck finding a playgroup. I'm convinced that the hardest part is getting up the courage to go for the first time. After that you're off and running :-)

  6. Very cute! I love Scrabble-inspired projects, being a bit of a word/typography lover myself!


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