Saturday, June 4, 2011


Happy Saturday to you, what are you up to? Hubby worked today (as usual - hmph) and my two children refused to enter into my plea-bargain that they might have an afternoon sleep so mummy could make some orders (I've already sold two personalised owl onesies since I listed them a couple of days ago - yayee!) so I feel like I havn't achieved anything at all day! Well, I did make chocolate cupcakes but they were out of a box and only under duress from my daughter and it was that in leiu of murdering her so does that count?! ;)

Anyway. I cannot help but share this little vid I captured last night on my brand-spankin-new iphone. Can I tell you how much I love my phone? It's taken me two years to finally convince Dan to get me one. It was entirely necessary for my business; I would be much more reachable; I promised to actually carry it with me rather than leave it at home all the time; I would pick a loud ringtone so I heard his calls; we could call each other for free; it was only a BIT more than my prepaid brick-phone and IT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPY DAMMIT. Sold!!!

But I am digressing, as usual.

The purpose of this giddy post is to share a video of sonny-boy saying (or not saying) some of his very first words that almost sound just a wee little bit like DADDA! His first word was actually 'mum' (he knows who the milk comes from) followed by 'yum' and then this, last night. Too cute and exciting not to share. Here it is, what do you reckon - dadda?!


  1. gorgeous! he is totally saying Dadda!!

  2. How cute ... and congrats on the owl onesie sales!!

  3. OMG too cute!! Can u pretty please post more vids of the kiddies so I can see them pleeeeeeease!!

    How cute tht Elliott turns so quickly to his sisters voice!

  4. Ahhh, Elliot, you are just too bloody cute! x

    And Nicole, so funny you should post this video as I have been trying to post one of my own (stupid blogger playing up) that I took of Allegra last week saying her first word... yup, hers was Dadda too! And yes, at 6 months and one week old she is destined to be a chatterbox! x


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