Monday, October 10, 2011

My birthday in snaps

Last week I turned 35. Yes, 35. I don't feel old but I think I must be -- it took a friend on Facebook to politely remind me that I was not turning 36 as I genuinely thought. I had to get a calculator to check. Oops, they were right. I mean, when you can't work out your own age using your fingers, you are getting on, non?



When you've got two fiesty kids under 3, you don't have a lot of time to lament the fading memory of your 20's...

This year, I celebrated my birthday with my little family. We went out for lunch. Ate chippies. Shared a milkshake. Dripped melting icecream everywhere. And I stole an hour or so at the shops to buy myself a few little treaties. Mostly clothes. Highly overdue. And to my surprised pleasure, the realisation that this season is about colour.  Oh joyous COLOUR is back, folks! So I went a little mental. And somehow I now have a lot of mustard in my wardrobe. Mustard on mustard. With some subtle undertones of salmon pink and turquoise.


Oh happy days!

Amongst my gifts, I scored a (colourful!) Fossil purse and handbag and little Summer dress from Dan, and a handmade skirt with matching cushions (match your outfit to your homewares - now there's another post!) from my MIL which I must share with you later this week...

Here's a few happy-snappys..... have a great week!

yes, Fern is sporting socks with her sandals. No, it wasn't my idea..... Mustard pants. See?
me, Elli-Boo and Ferny share a strawberry milkshake...

My daughter is a tiny bit cute with a sandwich as large as her...

Me and the kiddies.

who needs a double-pram? The kids share a moment...

I scream, you scream....... check out Elli eating the side of his. You can guess how THAT ended! ;)


  1. Looks like a beautiful day. what a way to celebrate your day.

  2. Happy belated lovely...looks like you shared a beautiful birthday enjoying the simple pleasures in life..and at 35 .your rockin it! '': ) x

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday Nicole! Elliot and Fern are so cute xx

  4. he he -- I always forget how old I am too. Sounds like you had a fun one, happy birthday!

  5. Gorgeous pics, birthday bud!
    Glad you had a beautiful day - and I love the mustard pants.
    Goodbye black, grey and charcoal - helloooo Summer!

  6. Well belated happy birthday, Nicole! You look fabulous at 35. I love seeing you in the photos for a change ☺. J x

  7. Ahhh, I have been in Melbourne again so haven't been online much and missed you Birthday!!! So.. a Happy belated Birthday super Mum/woman, looks like it was a beautiful one! xoxo P.S Looking good! :}

  8. Oh these are just absolutely beautiful photos Nicole, sounds like a brilliant birthday. YAY for colour this season, so nice to pick up some new threads to feel good in :o)
    You have the most adorable kiddies, just gorgeous xo

  9. 35 is where it really begins!! :) Beautiful photos!

  10. Happpy birthday, looks like it was a great day, thanks for sharing. I love days like this with my family too!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Nicole. 35 suits you, you look amazing!!


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