Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coordinating homewares with fashion!

At the Kelani stand at the Craft & Stitches show a few months back, (you know, where I remortgaged the house to buy almost every bit of fabric on show) my crafty mother-in-law snaffled the most di-viiine pieces of fabric with which to make me a skirt. I helped choose. But it was hard; I liked pretty much everything at the store. I love colour though, and in the end the vibrant hues of this fabric won me over.

And on my birthday last week, my skirt materialised! (pardon the pun)

It's a wrap-around number that can be worn on either side of the fabric (it is purple polka dots on the inside - perfect for a more flamboyant occasion), and I think it rather lovely!

But out of the gift-bag came an added little bonus... a pair of matching cushions!

And now, I can sit on the couch in my new skirt, gorgeously coordinating with my soft furnishings... I mean. Could I ask anything more?

Please ignore the dreadful model -- but what do you think of the fabric? Would it be rude to want a matching fabric-covered canvas, too?!



  1. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday. Speaking of wraps, you got a nice one by Belinda Graham over at The Happy Home today
    Get that sewing machine oiled, you'll be inundated with orders!

  2. Love that fabric Nicole! Gorgeous, and a very gorgeous model too!

    You might need to start employing your MIL as a bubby makes three seamstress!

  3. flat stomach much? You look amazing here Nicole. I love the skirt/ cushions too

  4. That's all kinds of fabulous!!
    And a coordinated canvas would certainly complete you!
    Your model is hot. you should definitely give her more credit - and a payrise!;-)


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