Thursday, November 24, 2011

and now, back to (my) studio! The built-in desk post...

Despite the fact that my entire house has been shrouded with 'builders white dust' as I like to call it (and I have long before come to the realisation that it doesnt matter what TYPE of building works you are getting done, or where in the room it is, or even whether its outside) you are STILL GOING TO HAVE WHITE DUST FROM ONE END OF THE HOUSE TO THE OTHER), I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel for moving into my little studio! In fact, the light is getting brighter because Ive booked for the carpet to be laid next Wednesday which gives me exactly 6 days in which to sand the gyprock, prime and paint all the walls and roof, tile the bathroom and get the lights put in! eeeeeeek.

Last weekend, my husband disappeared off to Bunnings and returned with all manner of power-equipment I wouldn't pretend to know the name of. He also brought back with him some rather large planks of wood. There was a lot of noise emanating from downstairs for the next couple of hours but at the end? Check it:

My own!

Roughly 2100x2050 and she's lovely. No legs and seemingly floating against the wall. If you craft, I know you need no explanation about why I should need such a large desktop. Craft spreads. Like builders white dust from one end of the house to the other! I have not seen the top of my kitchen table for literally months. My husband has been good about it, but it is driving ME crazy! I had no choice, my children insist on having a bedroom each and I didnt fancy working in the laundry! No folks, my current bm3 studio is my kitchen table and I won't pretend I havn't dreamed of something more for the better part of a year now as I come to the realisation that this is what I want to do. Like, for a long time.

And now I can!

Despite my intentions to work minimally and only have about the project I am currently working on, but I know myself too well and within hours I'll have 400 bits of fabric, 2000 buttons and goodness knows what else covering the surface of that table, but who cares? It will be mine mine mine and guests most definitely will not be wanting dinner parties from the top of it!

This weekend will be a painting marathon (if any of you care to come help me?!) and I'm painting my new desk white (I was considering staining it but my daughter attacked it with both poster-paint and pen within minutes and I think sees herself with her own chair working merrily away while I sew - sounds good to me!). I'll need a new chair which I will have to pretend I've had for ages as I am sure my husband wont understand why I cant use one of the twenty I have parked away in the garage. I like this one:
No, it's not practical and it doesn't swivel. But pfffffft to practicality! I'm a shameless Eames girl, and I've always loved that chair. A replica from Matt Blatt will set me back <$200 which sounds reasonable to me -- I might just do it and deal with the marital consequences later! Although there is this one, too which could be kinda fun...

Anyway, better fly -- typing does not = painting and I've got work to do!!

Have a great weekend xx


  1. Wow... You are so lucky! Handy hubby = lovely big craft desk!!! It's such a timely post for me because I have been dreaming about the same sort of thing in our bungalow but a low version for kiddy crafts! I think I better get to bunnings and do some enquiring as unfortunAtely mr O does not fit in to the craft carergory!!!


  2. All sounds very exciting! Love the chair xx

  3. How fabulous Nicole! It's all coming together and that desk is pretty special :o) Love the look of your new chair idea too... yes, sometimes practical is a little boring, that chair, is definitely not boring :o)
    Good luck with all the painting, look forward to the next instalment xo

  4. Wooo hoo!!
    I am just a tad over THE WHITE DUST here too.
    This weekend should see our project complete... until the next one!!
    You are going to love your new space - but I don't think you need me to tell you that!

  5. I love your style Nicole - I just bought the blue replica eames chairs from Replica Furniture for my new {second hand from ebay} dining table and I LOVE THEM. Got a white one for the computer desk, but now wishing I had got one with arms after seeing your pic! But your'e right, not very practical, when you are trying to fit 3 kids on one chair when they are skyping nanna and pa.. Look forward to seeing the end result of your painting marathon!

  6. Hi Nicole just found your lovely blog, I know what you mean we are just re doing our bathroom what a mess. Nice to find a new friend will follow so we can keep in touch maybe when things settle down you can come and visit me. Good luck with the painting.

    Always Wendy

  7. How fab! Did you see the desk my husbie made in my studio when you were over?


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