Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Workin' 9-5!

Today, I packed two little lunch boxes and sent two little kiddies off to preschool. One of them, for the very first time. Yes, folks. little wee Elliott Daniel has been sent to school where (hopefully) the teachers will sort him out!

Kidding. Sort of :)

I won't lie... I needed backup in the drop-off process and dragged my husband along for moral support... I cried more than one tear I must confess. The idea of sending one's baby off to school and the actual PRACTICE are two very different things. My littlest child has never been minded by anyone other than family and then pretty rarely. It breaks my heart just a little bit to have condemned him to a day inside a room with a bunch of other kids he's never met, a strange bed and hours and hours without his (sniff) mummy.

But maybe


he'll love it.

Fern does, and barely says goodbye before she skips off to play with the boys. hmmmm. But of course Elliott is not Fern.

I've been putting this off and pretending I can work with the kids at home. But I can't, really. And so it was time. Because mummy. needs. a. work. day.

So now (for the first time in three years) I get a whole day, seven precious hours in which to ensconce myself in my little studio.

A WORK day, peeps.

I feel like I need a whole new corporate wardrobe! Heels! Lipstick!

I've settled for a pair of shorts, a tank, my havaianas and a swipe of lipgloss. But that'll do!

Am I allowed out for a lunch break?
my darling boy on his first day of preschool.... I whipped him up that linen bag you see on the ground last night using a pillow case and some scraps of fabric!

ps. Much thanks for the advice to yesterday's article . Some great tips I'll be trying out - thank you thank you! xxx


  1. Oh he looks so ready Nicole...I think he is going to love it. My little Jacq did..and still does..he loves seeing his friends and sitting down and having lunch with them, having play time outside and indoors they do so many arts and crafts activities..little E is going to be pooped when he comes home.
    Its great for them sweetheart..to build their social skills and learn how to interact with other little kiddies...and its good for you to have your little time out to yourself. Hope all goes well on his first day and that it just gets better from there on.

    A x

  2. Oh he is gorgeous. I hope he had a good day. I send my boy for the first time on Thursday. Dreading it and excited all at once. Hope you enjoyed your work day! x

  3. Hey you, we seem to be at the same stage. Kian has just joined Luca too. Except that I realised very quickly that I was getting precious little done in just one day, so it's two days now. I do feel guilty because Luca didn't go to family daycare till he was over 2, but then Luca was easier at home... Kian loves it, though, and I think it works well. As for what to do with Elliott at home, well, maybe we have a case of two birds of a feather? I spend my day hiding things away, thinking I've put things out of reach, but he finds a way. He managed to find food processor blades last week (eek), yesterday I found him playing with scissors and my wedding rings. And I literally DREAD changing his nappy. The whole thing is something out of a comedy sketch, except I'm not laughing. Big tip, before you change the nappy, grab whatever you can find around the house that he's normally not allowed - to amuse him long enough so he sits still! Remote controls, tubes of toothpaste, medicine syringes, anything to stop the poo from covering you!!! :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, little Elliott has grown up so much! I'm feeling a bit the same with Charlie. Hugh was going to occassional care (on the odd occassion) when I had to go see a client, since he was 8 months old and he now goes to daycare once a week. Charlie on the other hand is pretty much by my side all the time!

  5. This work day could be absolutely magic - for both of you.
    I truly hope so.

  6. Elliot is adorable! AND school will be great for him! For you both...when it becomes routine of course....I still get sad when I drop Mr O off....into a sea of children and hugs which will never be as good as mine! x

  7. Oh Nicole, you broke my heart reading this post of yours. I know EXACTLY how you feel about leaving your babes behind. And I believe boys are always harder than girls... your experience confirms it. I am happy I don't have to leave my youngest boy for a while now, as I'm staying home with him, but I know eventually I'll have to :o(
    On the other hand, your day to yourself, to work on the bits and pieces you want to, sounds grand :o) xo
    Love the pic of your little man, gorgeous!

  8. Do I sound like I'm stalking you... My Elliot went to daycare for the first day on Monday, so I could return to work for one day a week. he loved it. Me.... well there were a few tears, he is no longer my baby. And even at 21 months going to "school" seems so grown up. Enjoy. Love the linen bag, reminds me I have to do one.


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