Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My 'birdie' baby shower

I am presently planning my daughter's naming day (actually, Im not. Im procrastinating about planning her naming day) and it's made me think back to my lovely baby shower. 

Hosted by my friend Kellie (who happens to be an event manager - v handy!) my shower had a 'birdie' theme, with accent colours of orange and hot pink. We strung pom poms (thanks Martha Stewart) from the roof with fishing twine and placed a pretty branch in a vase for guests to pin handwritten messages on little paper birds onto. 

A table was set up outside for guests to decorate little singlets and onesies from vintage fabrics and laces, paint and beads. Some of these now hang on Fern's nursery cupboard doors as artworks.

I baked little shortbread cookies for the favours and put them in noodle boxes with a cute little poem on the front:

Two little birdies sitting in a tree


Tacky games, pink champagne, cupcakes, and a gaggle of giggling girls made for an awesome afternoon I will always remember. Thanks Kel!

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