Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010 @ 3.30pm

This afternoon, I tiptoed into my daughter's nursery while she was sleeping; just for a little sneaky peek. I do that sometimes. Can't help myself.

This is the vision that greeted me:

Melt my heart much? Ok, so SIDS would probably raise their eyebrows but would YOU dare remove this teddy bear from YOUR baby daughter?



  1. That is SO cute!! She must love her teddy :)

  2. Thats too cute! Love her owl pillow. :D

  3. Hi Nicole, love your blog! Fern looks very cute! can I ask where the fitted sheet and pillows are from, I LOVE them!

  4. Thanks Amanda and Zoe!
    Anonymous, the pink polka dot fitted sheet is from Bubba Blue (I think Myer stocks this brand, and Babies Galore or you can find it here: http://www.bubs.com.au/_products/Nursery/Manchester+Coordinates/BBLUE+POLKA+DOT+RANGE-177-43897-.aspx.
    The butterfly pillow I got from Adairs (they have some really nice kids pillows and linen, though not in cot-size) and the owl pillow is from a craft market. Ive also seen some gorgeous ones on Etsy...

    Hope this helps!



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