Friday, March 26, 2010

An Easter Stitch 'n' Biatch!

A few of the "I can't sew" turned "sewing goddess" gals from my mothers group came around today to assist with a little Easter project!
At 14-16 months our bubs are still a little young for chocolate, so when I spotted an idea from this blog to make little bunny softies instead, I had to pinch it!
With coffee and a few of these sugary delights to fuel the creative fire, we set to work:
We set up a little production line, with two of us cutting, pinning and stuffing, and the other two sewing. For such a simple design, it's amazing the 'unique' shapes we managed to create! Using old bits of scrap fabric, we also added little bells inside the softies along with wadding for a bit of fun. Here's the girls hard at work:
While we sewed, our bubs ran around the house like little ferals angels:
... and Fern 'helped' with fabric selection:
And the finished product? It turned out a little something like this!
Cant wait for our Easter Bunny scramble next week, it'll be so much fun!
Have a great weekend.... x


  1. What a GORGEOUS idea. LOVE it very much indeed. xo

  2. Yay!! It was loads of fun - love the pics :)

  3. What a fabulous idea!! Loved the pics of your cuties :)

  4. They look gorgeous, this is such a great idea.


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