Monday, July 26, 2010

Etsy Discovery - Nooshka Designs!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend... Browsing idly through Etsy last night, I discovered this gorgeous little pillow that I thought would be just too sweet on Fern's little daybed (when she moves into it later this year):

Isn't it cute? After this discovery, it seemed terribly remiss not to check out what other treasures this store had to offer... and what treasures I found! The store is called Nooshka, and the best part is, she's an Australian designer hailing from the Gold Coast! Check out Casey's Etsy store here and here are a few more samples of her work to whet your whistle:


I'm off to Ikea today with both husband and baby (a sure recipe for disaster)... gotta buy a new chest of drawers for Fern's bedroom so the new baby can inherit her little cane drawers but I wonder what else I might come home with?! Have a great week... x


  1. Wow, they are just the most gorgeous things! I love each of them. I think Fern would love the bird cage. I think will would love the dog :)
    Have a great week my dear.

  2. I have stumbled across Nooshka's store before - such beautiful things. I love that birds nest mobile.. I want it for Bubba # 2's nursery!

    How old will Fern be when she moves in to a big girls bed?

  3. so sweet...i have saved the link. my sister in law just had a baby girl...we are a family of boys - so it is very exciting to see such pretty things.

  4. Looooooooooooooooooove the bird catcher thingy! I want it for my house...but I can just see how long THAT would last with a cat who jumps and pulls down everything!!

  5. What a wonderful surprise to be featured on your blog! You have made my week.
    Thank you

  6. Oh lovely! thanks so much for sharing. I have been looking for a special dolly for my little girl and a nooshka dolly would be just perfect!

    YOu have lovely blog. I will be popping by often now that I have found you.

  7. What lovely items and how great that she's based here. Great find and thanks for sharing with us :)


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