Monday, October 18, 2010

Now I am 8 Weeks...

My little baby boy-o is growing up rapidly... 
Over the last few weeks he has propelled out of his newborn clothes and has apparently grown 9cm since he was born. 9cm? Is that humanly possible?? My dear Elliott, slow down! 
Please stay my teeny tiny baby for just a little longer!


  1. When I saw the first pic I thought 'boy, Elliott has grown so much already'! BUT 9cm WOW! He is just so gogeous my dear! Hope you have a great week :) x

  2. Cutie! Wow... time does fly :o)

  3. He is just delicious .... bet you just want to eat him up!

  4. He is adorable Nicole!! Love the pic of him looking up at his daddy :)

  5. He is beautiful!!! I too love the photo with his Daddy. x


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