Monday, October 4, 2010

Where I am Today - Good Golly!!

Hello lovely ladies! What are you up to this gorgeously lonnnnng weekend? Me?

Assembling Fern's (sniff) first big girl's bed (a vintage-y daybed) and pulling out a rather large camelia to make way for a CUBBY HOUSE!! Oh, and jumping in puddles - it's raining men! 

Me 'n' Ferny getting down and dirty in our gum booties!
That there is my 6-week-post-baby bump and I don't reckon I'm doing too badly...
all those spin classes are starting pay off!

 Scrumptious fish and chippies
Listening to
 Angus & Julia Stone
The Blindside (wow, who knew Sandra Bullock could act?)

... and laughing at myself as I revisit my labour in a guest post over at the hilarious Holly Homemaker! If you havn't already read my story, read it here! Can you believe its been 6 weeks since I gave birth to the gorgeous Elliott, I certainly can't... ps. Holly's blog never fails to induce a belly-laugh, so if you havn't yet visited her, do yourself a favour!!


  1. You look fab fab fab!!! I have Angus & Julia Stone playing today too - it's that kind of day :)

  2. I agree, you are looking glorious Nicole... well done! Enjoy your day, your plans sound perfect! Son x

  3. You are looking hot woman!!! I can't see me a post baby bump at all! Can't wait to see Fern's bed. I'm looking for something similar for Zoe soon!

  4. You look amazing Nicole!! Sounds like heaps of fun with the puddle jumping and cubby house building and Fern's new bed sounds lovely :)

  5. Oh my... I really really hope and wish and pray that I can have a belly bump 6 weeks after my baby is born too!

    You both look super cute in your gum boots too :o)


  6. You really do look amazing! I'm jealous - I'm over 3 months post-partum and I'm not looking that good... maybe I should take up some of these spin classes? :) But there's so much Halloween candy on the way... I dunno if I can make the trade off - hah!


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