Friday, January 28, 2011

Fancy a Cup of Tea?

When you go "out for coffee" with friends... what is it that you actually order?

Are you a traditionalist, ordering a cappuccino with extra froth or are you super trendy with your double-shot-soy-decaf-latte? Or perhaps you go more for the flavoured variety, favouring a caramel macchiato or a mocha frappaccino (my personal fave, oh Starbucks, where for art thou?!)

Or maybe your order is the equivalent social-leperdom of vegetarianism and you don't actually drink coffee at all and instead order a hot chocolate! Teehee, I'm vego so excuse my cheeky dig at the non-coffee drinkers out there ;)

Myself? I'm a double-shot-skinny-flat-white kinda gal, all the way. I cannot cannot start my day without at least one of these... or better yet, two.

Image from Made by Girl

 I'm lucky enough to own a pretty top-notch coffee machine. It's an ECM Giotto and worth its weight in gold, unlike our previous two cheapies which each bit the bullet within 12 months or so. We've got it set on a timer, so it wakes us up about 6-ish when it fires up its ignition, but there are worse ways to be woken up, let me assure you...

Yup, I'm a coffee gal, all the way. But it wasn't alway this way. I used to be a tea drinker. For a while, I was addicted to all those beautifully packaged T2 teas and would brew myself a little pot of "Gorgeous Geisha" to have with an iced vovo quite regularly... I also have a weakness for vintage teacups, which is possibly why my latest discovery has reinvigorated my tea-drinking habit and inspired my wish-list for the moment. If I hadn't just parted with $500 to pay a silly fine, I would be laying down my credit card for any and all of these items:

They are from the Cuckoo range by Wedgwood, and if it is possible to capture my personality in a teacup... there it is! Love love love these. But being Wedgwood; a teapot and set of four little teacups will set me back some serious mint, so I'm saving up! And then, once I have these displayed prettily on a little shelf I feel it would be only right to boil the water for my cup of tea from this splendid Alessi kettle:

How proud this kettle would perch on my gas cooktop, just waiting to sing merrily away! Sigh. 

Must stop dreaming now. And re-thread my sewing machine. Bubby Makes Three designs are on the launching pad almost ready for blastoff! Stay tuned folks!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend. x


  1. I've never had a cuppa coffee in my life and I'm not sure I ever will. I'm not really a hot drinks kinda gal at all and only started drinking tea about five years ago and now enjoy a cup or two a day. Although annoyingly, tea was one of the only things I couldn't stomach whilst pregnant (weird I know) so I haven't had much opportunity to use the two gorgeous Prince Albert teasets and Zero Japan teapots we got as wedding gifts... perhaps I will throw myself a little tea party as an excuse to use them... and to scoff down some baked goods :) AND call me cuckoo... that Wedgwood range? Yes please! Heavenly indeed! Happy Friday Nicole x

  2. I usually have tea at home (unless the Mr makes me a proper cup of coffee) but I have coffee out. I literally can't function without getting a coffee in the morning - once I get past the first ten minutes of the drive to work I struggle to stay awake if I haven't had caffeine. A little scary how dependent I am on it!

  3. Mr Sweetpea works for a coffee company and we're lucky enough to have a great machine at home and a constant supply of fresh coffee, various teas and other goodies like chai powders. As much as I love a great cup of coffee, there is something so special about sitting down to a freshly brewed cup of tea from a china cup. I also LOVE the Wedgewood set you've featured, maybe they should send some out to us to use and blog about ;)

  4. I'm a big tea drinker.... I only drink coffee when I need a real kick in the pants! How lovely are those teacups BTW?!

  5. ohhh I adore the smell of freshly brewed coffee...I just hate the taste of it!
    I'm usually a chocolate milkshake or hot choc girl though

  6. oh yes i am a coffee girl. Infact im drinking one now!
    I have to have one a day or i get a tad...crabby & headachy, isnt that terrible...That is one beauty of a coffee machine - definately on my wishlist!

  7. What pretty teacups! I'm a tea drinker - English breakfast and herbal ones. I don't really drink coffee - I used to, especially back in my waitressing days but these days, I just don't feel right after drinking it - love the smell of freshly brewed coffee though!

  8. I'm a coffee girl all the way :)
    My caffeine addiction has definitely increased since becoming a Mummy :) We're going on 3 years now without a full nights sleep, so my coffee gets me through :)
    However, I do love a cuppa tea :) And a green tea before bed on a winters night always make me feel 'fresh' :)
    Sweet post Nicole ;o)

  9. I was a terrible coffee addict- we're talking 5 or more cups a day! Then when I was pregnant, switched to decaf but it still made me sick. So I started drinking herbal teas... chamomile is a favourite before getting to normal tea. Now I have a good Skim Chai Latte if i'm out or a Mocha if I'm road tripping. I die without my one morning cup of coffee though! I love love love these cups- so pretty.

  10. LOVE the kettle- the little bird singing would just make the tea experience that much more special! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tea cups- perfect for turning the ordinary into the extrordinary. I absolutely enjoy tea but am occasionaly a coffee tart just to get me moving on those difficult to get moving mornings.
    Just got to say - that fine - boooo!!! I think sometimes the people who go along in their day just living their peaceful lives not interferring with others are the ones who get hit the worst! I mean its criminal that the side swiping biker gets away with it and you're pulled over for something random and unable to be seen until the picky police try to find something to make it worth his effort. My hubby was pulled over a while ago (the day after losing his job) on his way up the road and pulled over by local suburb cop out revenue raising at 8PM at night in our little suburb and was hit with an over $400 fine because his liscence was a few days past expiration ( I suspect the officer had to find something when hubby passed the breath test)- like we needed this when we have 3 young sons, mortgage and bills, bills, bills to pay and hubby (then) with no job (now happily working - this was a while back). I went down to the police station after I had to pick him up from where he was pulled over (with 3 little boys pulled from their beds) because the officer wouldn't even let him drive a few streets home, pleaded my case- got direct and still to no avail was told we had to cough up the fine payment! So I am still not a fan a year later- true criminals are getting away with murder-quite literally and we families minding our own business and paying taxes are getting scre---!!
    Mmmmm re-reading this I sound bitter, but it's still raw and when I read your story my heart went out to you and your family- none of us has that amount of money lying around for fines when it could be better spent on gorgeous tea cups and a sweeter than sweet kettle!
    I promise to be more positive next time, have a wonderful weekend, Nicole with your beautiful family, try to remind yourself of all the blessings you have, I know I now I have to mantra these again after my little rant and if all else fails, believe in Karma.
    Leticia xx

  11. Tea taste so much better in fine bone china and there is no better china than Wedgwood. I love all of these and that little kettle is gorgeous.

  12. I want so badly to like coffee - but it's like beer . . just can't enjoy the taste! So I order hot chocolate. I'm trying to get on board with the tea thing, as I know how good it is for you. Can't wait for the launch!

  13. I only ever have tea at home, love a good cup of tea but the minute I walk anywhere near a cafe its a good old latte for me. I only have to get the slightest whiff of coffee beans and I cant get in the cafe quick enough. If it wasnt 9.45pm I would get up and make a coffee now - I can almost smell that lovely coffee smell!!


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