Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now I am 20 Weeks...

All of a sudden, my little sonny-boy is 5 months old...

Yes, he's a chunky little monkey...
And this month in particular has been an absolute corker for development and change! Yes folks, Elli-boo is officially on. the. move. But in a kind of stealth fashion. The type that when I place him down on the floor on a rug and leave the room for 30 seconds, I come back to find him jammed underneath the glass coffee table (1.5 metres away), his little head peering forlornly up through the glass as if he can't quite work out how he got there, either! I've had to drag out Fern's old Safe-T-Sleep and velcro Elliott into his cot for sleeps, otherwise I hear him whinging in the middle of the night only to find him over on his tummy, unable to find his way back onto his back!

Elli also sampled his first culinary delight a few days ago... a bit of organic baby porridge from the Rafferty's range. He wasn't overly convinced, but he certainly gave it a go! I can't believe I'm going to have to start becoming a steaming/ pureeing/ ice-cube tray-stuffing domestic goddess in a matter of days! With Fern unable to watch Elliott eat without it being "my turn! my tuuuuuuuurn!" I'm hoping it might be the catalyst for her to start eating vegetables again (don't get me started on this) and so I'm sort of secretly looking forward to this stage where, if he's anything like what Fern WAS, he'll open his mouth like a hungry sparrow to any veggie concoction I place in front of him. For a few months, anyways... I'm sure there'll be more on this exciting devt over the coming weeks!

But most of all, I'm enjoying the little personality that's blooming like a summer Frangipani. He laughs with joyous abandon, his little eyes crinkling in delight. Even when Fern splashes water onto his face while in the bath. And he squeaks at me like a little chipmunk, little sounds that one day will become words... and he wraps me around his little finger, he does. And has done. And probably always will do. What is it about mummies and their sons? Keep growing, boy-o. You're my little man in the making.

ps. Thankyou SO much to each and every one of you who have posted words of advice and support for my impending little business. YOU have given me the confidence to give this a go, and your advice is invaluable. If I could give you all a big kiss, I would. So thankyou thankyou thankyou. x


  1. He's soooo cute Nicole! Isn't it amazing how the little tiny helpless baby stage goes so quickly (well during the every 3hrly feed sessions it doesn't) but it's like he's not a helpless little bub anymore. Ohhhhh..... I'm getting all clucky even just thinking about it all! I'm so glad he's developing and growing so healthy and strong and happy! Love those pics,

  2. Oh Nicole, your little man is soooooo cute!! I thought all the cluckiness had left this old body, but oh, I would love a little boy just like him!! Gorgeous pics :) So happy to hear you are going to give your children's clothing business a go - YAY you!! Have a fabulous Thursday ~ Tina x

  3. ohhh love those chunky little thighs....the cutest things on babies!

  4. Where on earth have the past 5 months flown by?? Before you know it, you'll have another 1st birthday party to plan :) Elliott is SOOO adorable Nicole - such a sweet little face. Can't believe he's soon to start solids (sounds like Fern and Grace might be at a similar stage in their eating habits). I love that photo of you and Elli at the bottom - you look gorgeous!! x

  5. Happy 5 months!
    Nathan just turned 5 months as well last wk and today I put him down on his playmat while preping dinner to find him all the way over on the other side of the room. I almost had a heart attack when I didn't see him on his mat from the kitchen!

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    I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you've got a spare minute.


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