Monday, February 28, 2011

Fern's Party Dress...

Over the weekend, I travelled solo with my two kids up to Maitland (an hour and a half away) for a dear friend's child's first birthday party.

It could have been fraught with disaster; missing sleeps... long car journey... hot weather... too much cake... at one point I even contemplated ditching Fern for the day and just taking Elliott. But Fern loves parties, and I took the chance. And I'm so glad I did! We had the most wonderful day; Fern made a 3-yr-old bosem buddy and spent almost the entire day being led by the hand by her new bff. She played with balloons. Danced through a bubble machine. Ate a little cupcake. And a million cocktail sausages.

And Elliott? My little champion made me look like a good mother by being a happy and content little bubba - not shedding a single tear all day long, and went to sleep on cue in his pram for well over an hour! (He normally hates the pram with a passion!)

And I got to hang out with my friend and meet her other friends and family, all lovely people who made me forget I was a single-mother-with-a-daughter (and son) for the day!

But on the morning of the party, I deliberated on what to wear. Well, not I but Fern, specifically. (I don't have time to care about what I wear, I grabbed a black dress from the back of my wardrobe, teamed it with a vintage beaded necklace and hoped for the best!) I have been so busy making clothes for everybody else that Fern hasn't got a single item I've made for her in her wardrobe! So, when I popped the 2 of them down for a morning nap I dragged out the sewing machine and made Fern a little costume!

I have some gorgeous lime fabric with flower print that I've wanted to make something with for a while. I also had a line of sequins that Fern stole from Spotlight one day when I had my hands full and didn't notice til I got back to the car (sorry, Spotlight). And, with an hour-and-a-half up my sleeve I came up with this:

I didn't have time to measure properly, so the skirt was a little short but overall I thought she looked very cute, and I am loving the sequins! I am going to make some outfits for my shop with this fabric shortly, and I'm even thinking of adding sequins, I like Fern's so much! But is it overkill? Do tell me, fashionistas!

Me 'n' my party gal... 

Have a great week!


  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!
    And no....not an overkill....a girl can never have too many sequins LOL!
    Awesome job Nicole! Just lovely.

  2. That is super cute! I love the sparkles and the matching headband. I love the third photo where she's going Oooo! So cute, and the same expression Will gives me all the time. And that's a lovely photo of the two of you, how tanned are you, lucky duck. I'm always lily white :( (well unless I go to Ella Bache hehehe). I think a party outfit like that would do really well! It's so cute!
    Have a great week Nicole,

  3. I love how blase you are: "I just popped them both down for a sleep and whipped up an outfit for fern!"

    I am so impressed!!!!!! That would take me ages - not over nap time. Go Nicole

  4. Love it! Perfect party outfit! Love the headband too! xx

  5. Divine! What a gorgeous post and what a lovely blog! I'm your newest follower... thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. I think I'll add you to my blogroll so I can share you with others!

    Mama & The Monkey

  6. Does it come in my size?

    Aunty Louise xx

  7. Cute as a button - just gorgeous!!

  8. What a beautiful outfit! Fern is stunning and just shines in it. I have fallen in love with your blog..which is dangerous as there are so many things i want to try :)


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