Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Styling Ideas...

Good morning to you! Hope you had a lovely weekend... mine was fairly low key, though I did throw myself out of my fitness comfort zone and try Zumba for the first time! Aside from leaping this way while everybody else was crouching that way, I think I did fairly well!

You might have noticed a little blog facelift today; it's something that has been in my mind for a while and was pretty seriously overdue! It's still a work in progress though, so any suggestions you might have are welcome!

Today being the start of 'Easter Week' as I'm calling it, thought I'd start off by posting a little styling inspiration... the first being an Easter Egg Hunt! I can't help myself. I know Fern is only 2 and a bit, but I've been hanging the last two years to have an Easter egg hunt and only barely restrained myself last year. This year, it's on! She will be hunting for actual chocolate... but there is an outside chance much of it will go missing from her basket when she is not looking ;). I better get cracking though; I havn't bought any chocolate, not have I made any yet...

Anyway, check out this little visual feast from Martha Stewart to help get into the Easter spirit:

What have you got planned for Easter? Do you go all out, or is it a quick dash to the supermarket for a Cadbury milk carton of eggs on Thursday arvo?!


  1. LOVE the new blog. Very pretty.

    Easter will be fairly low key here. The inlaws arrive Wednesday so we'll just spend some time at home. Though Im a little bit organised and bought my eggs on the weekend.

    No last minute shopping dash for me :)

  2. Love those Easter baskets! I can't wait to have an Easter egg hunt for Grace this year too :) Still haven't bought the eggs though, hopefully tomorrow when I do the grocery shopping. Have plans to make some rocky road for gifts too but we'll see...

    P.S Love your new blog header!

  3. ooh, beautiful Easter Ideas!

    My husband and I tried making some chocolate from raw cocoa beans the other day (i blogged about it, cus i'm such a blogger now ;)), might have to make some in easter shapes... know where i can get molds from?

    Loving the new design, and the beautiful profile pic of you and your family!

  4. My egg hunts look NOTHING like Martha's. Typical! x

  5. beautiful Easter the bottom one such a cute table example i would use...happy eater to you if i don't see you before then xx
    p.s i totally loving your new blog look looks amazing:) xx


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