Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a 'pretty' face?

So, I'm at the post office.

I've got a letter, 4 parcels, 2 packages, my purse, a set of keys and Elliott in my arms. You know, standard luggage.

I get to the counter.

"awwww, isn't she pretty!" the lady next to the lady serving me exclaims. I turn around to see the beautiful baby she speaks of. There's nobody there.

I turn back around. The lady is staring at ME!

Pardon? I ask, just to make sure.

"Your baby!", she says, "she has such a pretty face!"

And I realise. She's talking about Elliott.

He's wearing grey stretchy-pants, a green long sleeve tee and a big toothy smile.

"Um, he's actually a boy" I say to her.

"oh really?" she says, in a tone of disbelief "well, he has a very pretty face!"


Cute? yes.

Cheeky? Most definitely.

Handsome? It is my job to think so.

But pretty?

You decide...


  1. When we were in a store over the weekend, a woman commented that Zoom was "such a large baby." We get this from time to time, which always strikes us as super odd. He's in the 50% for height and weight for his age. He's mid-sized. So either folks think he's younger than he is? Or, that since I'm 4'10" any baby would look large?

    I can't figure it out...

  2. Not sure I would use pretty to describe a boy. He looks like a boy. Cute, cheeky, handsome? Definitely all of the above.

    I always find it amusing when people get the gender of my kids wrong. My daughter was mistaken for a boy many times as a baby, and the boys as girls too. Some people just can't tell...

  3. ha ha. Love it. Cute - yes, pretty? Maybe not! Can't beat a good random comment though!

  4. I get this all the time. I think its Harpers curls.. :P Maybe if they had boys with curls they would understand why I dont want to cut them off!

  5. Hahahaha, so funny! I don't think I would have taken Elliot for a girl, but he does have gorgeous big eyes that most girls would be very envious of!

  6. It's those big eyes. :o) I get it the other way - I don't always dress my girl in pink, and it really confuses people if she is in green or a darker shade. Many times people have asked "What's his name??" and I've responded with "She's called".

    But people getting your baby's gender wrong is nowhere near as annoying as the complete strangers who think it's okay to touch them. I've decided that babies are thought of in the same way as pregnant ladies - communal property. :-D

  7. i don't know about pretty...but ohhh so cute!!
    ahh, my 3 year old gets the "she" thing all the time.
    well, at least they are cute Nicole ♥

  8. He is gorgeous! but maybe not pretty!! :)
    I was pushing my Little man in the pram the other day and he was wearing grey and white stripes with a grey bonds hoodie - he was eating his Sophie toy and the bag checking lady said 'awwww isn't she a cute little girl' 'What a beautiful smile'.
    Ummm yep he does have a great smile - but I don't think he looks at all girly! People are funny!

  9. ahhhh so I am not alone -- thankyou, my loves!!

  10. Bahaha... this made me LOL because it this kind of thing happens to me here in Malaysia ALL the time (quite annoying actually! Allegra will be in her pram, wearing something girly, with her pink blanky and her trademark hair clip/bow and they still ask 'Boy or girl'?! Drives me bonkas but apparently it's because here they pass down clothing to the next child regardless of whether they are for a boy or girl. But still, moronic if you ask me :P And I'm with you all above... cheeky, handsome, adorable is Elliott... but pretty? Me thinks not :) x

  11. Bebito gets called "pretty" all the time. I kinda get it cos he has quite delicate features but it's still an odd way to describe any child in my opinion. I think Elliott truly adorable! I'm convinced sometimes people say things for the sake of saying something rather than anything of value! xxxx

  12. Ha ha, same thing happened to me in a lift. Baby girl is dressed in navy blue stripes and bows and is sitting in her HOT PINK PRAM (clue). Sweet little old lady wants to know how old HE is.
    I'm reading Raising Girls at the moment and the author talks about a study done where a bunch of babies are dressed in yellow outfits - both the mums and dads got pretty much all the genders wrong. We are all so conditioned to expect boys in blue and girls in pink!

  13. He is gorgeous, but definitely boy-gorgeous :)


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