Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is there such a thing as too MUCH confidence?

When you were a child, did you like to take risks? You know - leap from tall buildings to see if you could fly... perform a 'death drop' from the school monkey bars... leap from the rock shelf at the beach into the incoming waves... 

did you?

My daughter is not generally a risk-taker. She tends to trip over her own feet. A lot. Its all she can do to keep upright at the best of times. She will often trip over and hit with the floor with such a thud that I swear I must have left a banana skin lying around. But no, she's tripped "over the floorboards, mum!"

Earlier this year, I enrolled Fern into Kinder-gymnastics. Turns out the be the best thing I ever did for her. The girl who cannot walk without tripping over can now walk along a balance beam a metre above the floor holding onto just one finger! She climbs and sommersaults and jumps and leaps with gusto while I watch on with muchos-mummy-pride. Gymnastics has given my daughter confidence. And she just plain loves it. So do I -- I'm secretly looking into adults classes!

But is there such a thing as too MUCH confidence? Since when did my bedhead become a launching pad and the matress a foam-pit? I have the emergency ward on speed dial. Just in case.


  1. My son has always been a dare devil from the moment he could walk. If he can climb it he will jump off it!

    What a great way for her to improve her skills with gymnastics.

    Think I may need to look into that for my son to have a outlet for all his energy!

    Beautiful how you caught the moment

  2. Gymnastics is a fantastic coordination and confidence builder for kids, isn't it.
    The 'death defying bed leap' excepted!

  3. oh I love it!!! I totes going to do some little tricks with her over Christmas. You need to get her a big trampoline when she's older. Some of my fav memories from our house in Copacabana was doing flips on it! xx

  4. Oh how cute your little Fern is :o) Jumping off the bed head looks like awesome fun! I used to do things like this from a young age. I was a massive dare devil... think it came from having 6 older brothers and a Dad who was a skydiving instructor for a living, hmmm!!
    My boys are both crazy wild too. The 16 month old dived off a ledge at the park today and has a scrape over one eye and has done something to his arm. He freaks me out because my nerves are ALWAYS on edge with what he'll do next.
    Sometimes I'm not sure if it is confidence, so much as a love of thrill seeking. Hold me!! :o/ xo


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