Monday, October 5, 2009

Cape Cod Chair #2

Photo from Flikr

On a whim, I just bought a white Cape Cod chair for my new outdoor room, which is so close to being revealed I can taste it! If only it hadn't started raining the moment the pavers were laid it might be finished by now. In any case, I am having much fun decorating the space now the boring, fiddly construction is complete and this chair will be perfect! 

Priced on sale at just $104.96 from Ezibuy, it was an absolute steal. I adore these chairs, so I am sort of excited... its just I would be a whole lot more excited if I hadn't bought one from the same company a few months ago, and it turned out to be made of a kind of chipboard  and other inferior materials. So inferior in fact, that they called to say they were recalling the product and reimbursing me in full. The good news was I still got to keep the chair. The bad news was that it was only suitable undercover, rendering it useless for the space in my courtyard to which it was intended.

The new chair appears to be made of hardwood and I am hoping will be more suitable to the harsh Aussie elements, as I know myself too well to think it will ever be dragged in out of the sun or rain. 

Unfortunately it is on backorder, meaning it will not arrive until late November. I am hoping it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I can get to work choosing matching cushions, lanterns, plants and so on -- I cannot wait to finish this project and host a 'courtyard christening'! 

ps. I also found these brightly coloured mini versions of the Cape Cod for children. I'm keeping these in mind for the next stage of my backyard renovation when I design a special space for Fern. I've got lots of ideas for the space... just lacking a few of the $$ to get started! On the drawing board for next year... 

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