Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tree Wall Decals

I first came across wall stickers when I was searching for ideas for Fern's nursery. I loved this one from Kido Store as below, but at $490 it was a little out of my budget. I ended up instead painting a tree mural on the wall, from an idea I 'borrowed' from Real Living magazine.

Fern's tree

I came across some gorgeous wall stickers today, that aren't actually stickers at all. Made from material, these beauties are removable and reusable, rendering them an essential for any future nursery I have the fortune of designing! Available from Lovemae, these decals are not only lovely, but reasonably priced as well. I adore the 'build a tree' decal below:

Build a tree decal $119.95 from Lovemae

The matching 'critters' are of course an essential add-on:

Forest critters $79.95 from Lovemae

I wonder, would the whole thing look out of place in my living room?


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  2. hmmmm i would love to see your pets try to get them off the wall :)

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