Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meme want a Teepee!

Now that I have sorted out seating for Fern (shudder, revisit my beanbag nightmare here) I am free to move onto my next obsession... the teepee!

Actually, I've been obsessed with these pint-sized indoor/outdoor tents since I first laid eyes on one in Bed Bath and Table before I even fell pregnant with Fern! What's not to get excited by? When I was little, I used to drape sheets between chairs or over the edge of my bed to create a makeshift cubby; my own little space to escape from the world. Children simply love their own little cozy space; and I would simply have gone crazy for one of these teepees!

Look at this amazing idea, from the cover of the book I got for Christmas, (thanks dad!). Not quite a teepee but sooo gorgeous!

But back to the teepee: I picture Fern curling up on floor cushions in hers, reading books or playing make believe or maybe chatting to a friend.

Why have I not yet bought Fern one of these beauties then, you might well ask? Well, at around $299, the average price for a good quality teepee, the hefty pricetag has sobered my enthusiasm temporarily whilst I find a more cost effective solution. Here are some of my online finds:

... and my personal fave:

oooops, would/should list the credits here but my computer crashed and I lost all the links. I do know that the last one, my fave, is from this link on Etsy though! Aren't they gorgeous??

But alas, I cannot justify $300 for a playtent; I'm at stay-at-home mum now! Lucky for me, I've found a sew-my-own solution. Yes, it would appear that a stack of fabric; a few bamboo sticks; a bit of twine... and the tiniest wee bit of sewing prowess is all that stands between me and a creative and original playtent for Fern!

I am not at all confident that I can do this. But I do feel confident I can buy some gorgeous fabric... and use my powers of persuasion to ask someone more experienced in sewing than I to assist in putting it together! I'm giving myself a Christmas deadline. Watch this space!


  1. Oh me too...I would love to have one in Jacq's room..but I would have to clear some floor space first...and agreed...$300...YAIKS!! I am more than confident you can do are so crafty and clever...never say never..I think you will kill probs! x

  2. Aren't they so cute for littlies!! I have a few teepee pic saved in my 'Kid Inspiration' folder too - I was actually reading today on another blog about someone else who is looking for one too :) I have seen instructions in a sewing book I borrowed off a friend for one of these so when Grace gets a bit older, I mighy give one a go myself. You can be my guinea pig and let me know how easy it is :) I have a very similar photo in my folder of that over the table cubby too. Such a great idea - beats the blankets I used to drape between furniture as a kid.

  3. The deadline made me chuckle. I love the under the table house. So sweet.

  4. I bought one off this website for my son for between $50 and $60 (It was a couple of years ago now). It was a cowboy and indian type fabric in blue. Maybe they make girly ones too.

  5. Just luv teepees! I actually (well my girls do) have the one from Bed Bath & Table. I luv it, but it's actually very big...A little too big for inside. So we just take it outside when we want to use it and have tea parties inside it...So cute. I liked the 2nd Picture, very pretty! Kate.

  6. Thans for the vote of confidence Anna.... I'm not sure I am crafty at all; I think I am perhaps just good in deceiving everyone (including myself) to think I am!
    Anon - thanks for the link, will check it out!
    Anon #2 I know, arent those BB&T tents great? Did you pay full price for yours? hmm I definately want mine inside so paps it is just as well I didn't buy one if they are on the largish side...


  7. here's a pattern for one: Butterick B4251 childrens teepee.

    I am going to attempt to sew one for one of my sons.

  8. When I was little I always wanted to sleep in a tent. I dunno why.


  9. Just about to attempt the butterwick teepee pattern, Im a total novice so fingers crossed it goes well!


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