Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Polystyrene Nightmares....

Fern's Cocoon Couture beanbag arrived yesterday afternoon. Excitedly, I ripped open the packaging and popped her in front of Playschool for 5 minutes while I filled said bag with beans.

5 minutes? Yeah right.

Have you ever actually filled a beanbag? The instructions sound easy enough: rip small hole in corner of plastic, pour into open beanbag placed inside bathtub.

Of course, the beanbag zipper is childproof and requires a paperclip to open it. Cue running around tearing house apart for 20 minutes trying to find paperclip. Finally located. Right, into the bathroom. Commence pouring beans into bag, realise beans not overly enthusiastic about bag, would rather float happily into every corner of bathroom including my nostrils. 30 mins later, finally have beanbag filled and begin stuffing inner bag into corduroy outer lining when come to sad realisation that inner bag should have been stuffed inside outer bag PRIOR to beans stuffing.


Have you ever tried to remove beans from a beanbag once filled? It's the stuff nightmares are made of.

Don't worry Greenies, I reckon only about - oh - a million or so polystyrene beans fell down the drain in my attempt to unstuff/ restuff Fern's beanbag. Not too much of an environmental disaster(?!)

About 7 hours later I finally emerged from the bathroom with one beautifully stuffed beanbag!

Here's how Fern prefers to watch Playschool (the only program I allow her to view) normally:

... and now?



  1. lol...too funny....well finally got it together and Fern looks as happy a a pea in pod! :)

  2. Fern looks nice and cosy sitting in her new bean bag - what a task you had trying to fill it!

  3. Glad you finally got the Bean Bag together! Sorry it took a while, Fern is so sweet...that last photo is so adorable!

    Rachelle xo

  4. Hey Nicole
    I love reading your blog and have been joining you on the search for great seating options for my little one as well. I found the most gorgeous little beanbag/armchair.... I don't know how to post a pic for you in comments, so go to my blog if you want and have a look.
    It's filed under 'Oppps., look what I bought'.
    Happy Easter!
    Clea xx


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