Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I accidently bought this....

Fern is kinda at that age where she's happy to sit and watch Play School (for 30 seconds, anyway) but it's not overly comfortable sitting on the floor, and she can't yet climb up onto the lounge.

Have you ever noticed there are awfully slim pickings on children's couch options? I have of course seen those horrific practical 'lounge' thingamies you can get at Kmart, the type that fold out to make a sort of sofa bed. Practical for littlies, but the only available themes seem to be Thomas the Tank, or Barbie. I know I've let a lot of things go since having Fern, but I can't do Barbie. Not yet, anyway.

For a while, I've had my eye on the stylish (and also practical - bonus!) beanbags by Cocoon Couture. But they are expensive options; my local boutique sells them for $125 each! Im not sure I can part with that much moolah for a baby beanbag, no matter how cute it is..... I might, however, part with $75. Oh wait -- I already did.

I was surfing listlessly this afternoon, whiling away nap-time when I stumbled on this NZ site called PeaKnuckle. The beanbags were listed cheaper than Oz anyway, and when I did the currency conversion it turned out they could ship Cocoon Couture to my doorstep almost half of the price of the one I can buy down the road! I know I know, buy local! But sorry folks, I'm a mum on a budget now!

I chose this one, I liked the colour and the owl motif:

So, I get the double whammy of a funky new chair for my babe, and the pleasure of stalking my mailbox over the next week or so. I'll let you know when I receive it!


  1. Super cute..I love the little owl..adorable

  2. What a bargain Nicole!! Good searching skills! I love the Cocoon Couture owl - so cute...lucky Fern!

  3. You know NIcole, with your artistic flair you could get one of the cheap kiddie sofas, pop down to spotlight, grab the fabric of your choice and re-upholster???


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