Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Baby's First Steps!

I simply cannot resist sharing the first (or firstish, she just started being able to do this in the last couple of days) steps of my tiny baby who somehow recently turned one!

I couldn't be prouder than if she came home and announced she's been accepted into law school. Or was going to walk on the moon. Or won a Nobel prize. Or discovered a cure for homesickness.

I think it's a confidence thing; she can stand up by herself and walk all the way down the hallway holding onto one of our hands. But her steps are so tentative and she lacks the confidence to really let herself go. I don't think it will be long though, and I can't wait! Is it too early to register her for Little Athletics?

Check her out:

Does this mean I'm going to be forced to go shoe shopping?


  1. Oh how gorgeous! I am sharing your excitement! I love how delicately she takes each step :) Grace is currently crawling about everywhere one-legged!! We have spent lots of time today trying to perfect our crawl :)

  2. OMG...that is so cute! They do grow up so fast and it is the best time to see them walk for the first time.... you are right, it won't be long and she will be running! Enjoy....she is lovely!

  3. This is so cute! She is such a doll! :)


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