Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Birthday... and some Knitted Softies

Over the weekend, my sister came to visit. She's my littlest sister (I have two) and she just turned 30. How can I have a little sister who is 30??

My littlest sister has always been a tomboy. While I was playing with dolls, she and the boy across the road were playing Transformers. She rarely wears a dress; I don't think I've ever seen her in heels. My littlest sister also has the most colourful work history of anyone I know. Over the last 10 years, she's been a horse jockey, travelled with a circus, been a spy (at least, thats my take on what she was) in the Army and now has her own impressive little mobile animal grooming business called Tails and Whiskers. If you live in Brisbane and have a dog or cat that wants washing, please give her a call! You'll be hard pressed to meet a more passionate woman about animals, and she'll bestow genuine loving care toward your beloved canine.

My littlest sister says she never wants children. She has no maternal instincts, she says, and much prefers the company of her animals. Despite this, she has discovered by accident that she can knit. She has never taken a lesson, never been shown what to do. And in spite of this, she came to my place bestowing the following handmade gifts:

Oh. My. God.

Happy birthday littlest sister - I am so proud of you!

ps. Do you love the Polaroid pic above? Thanks to Amanda for the tip... I'm now an addict! Download the fun for yourself for free here.

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  1. Your little sister sure has had her share of interesting careers!! I am very impressed by her knitting skills being the hopeless knitter that I am :) Love the little elephant. Hope she had a wonderful birthday. I see Poladroid has you having fun too, very addictive isn't it :) Have a lovely start to your week x


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