Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gender Neutral Nursery pt1 - Colour Scheme

Last week, in the height of my fanatical nestiness, I painted my new baby's nursery a calming Dulux Whisper White. Such a lovely colour which goes with just about every piece of furniture and accessory you can dream up. So now, with my blank slate I can start designing a gender neutral nursery for my little one, due late August!

I have to admit that with Fern, I found out I was having a girl early on, giving me plenty of time to dream up a girlie boudoir (view more pics of Ferns nursery here). I loved knowing what I was having and bonded with her immediately... I couldn't understand people who asked me what I could possibly have to look forward to during labour (um, how about HAVING MY BABY) and I never regretted finding out for one second!

But this time, I want to know what it's like to be surprised. It's been easy so far... except for the nursery planning! Most everybody around me seems to think I'm having a boy (I want your say too, vote here and be in the running to win a softie once the baby is born if your answer is correct!) and I can't help but be slightly slanted toward boyish stuff... but I must be careful, it could well turn out to be a little sister for Ferny after all!

I thought about going a lovely, calming white and beige combo. But I am too colourful a person for that... after reviewing nursery images I've saved on my desktop over the last few months, mostly sourced from Spearmint Baby and Flikr, I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging in my choice of colours:

Turquoise -- red -- yellow -- green... I think I've accidentally chosen my nursery colour palette! I am especially loving the turquoise/ yellow combo, but do you think that is too girlie? I also love the embroidery wall hanging idea which can be adapted to either sex, coloured rice paper lanterns as a mobile, and stripes! Early days in my nursery planning, but that's where my headspace is right now... thoughts??


  1. Love those ideas! I think that sounds great. Can't wait to see what you end up doing :)

  2. I've got #3 and #5 in my nursery inspiration folder too. Love what you've put together and are thinking of going with. I don't think turquoise is too girly - I've always thought for my next baby I'd use it for the nursery and perhaps add some hits of pink if it ended up being a girl or some hits of brown or grey if it were a boy. You can always add some boyish touches after the baby is born. Can't wait to see the progress of your nursery as I loved Fern's room. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy :)

  3. I love your ideas. The Bebito's room is a turquoise, red and brown combo with smashings of white furniture. I love it. I love the trees in the first picture in particular and the stripey pic is in my inspiration folder too. :) I don't think turquoise and yellow is girly at all by the way.

  4. I love your ideas and those colours are perfect for a gender neutral nursery. Looking forward to seeing the progress.


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