Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fern's Nursery

When I bought my current home, sure I was looking for a garage; an ensuite; decent-sized pot drawers... but in my heart I was looking for somewhere to feather my nest. Almost immediately, I selected the room that would one day be our baby's... but it would be almost two years before my wish became a reality. 

Once I did fall pregnant and found out it was a little girl (I simply couldn't wait to know) I went into that room almost for the first time and dared to dream of how I would turn this empty forlorn space into a beautiful nursery. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I spent hours inside that room; rocking in the chair I would one day use to feed my baby; folding and refolding tiny outfits; hanging pictures on walls; trying to imagine who she was, this little girl growing inside of me. Sometimes I would come home from work and head for that room only to find my husband had beat me to it; sitting whimsically within that rocking chair with his own thoughts and dreams for our baby's future. Though he largely leaves the home decorating to me, he often came home with a gorgeous baby journal,a Peter Rabbit box-set, a brightly-coloured bib... I loved that he was as excited as I was and wanting to share preparing a special space for our baby.

Now that she is here with us Fern's nursery is an evolving work-in-progress, and I look forward to the day she can add to it her own stamp and personality... until then she is stuck with ours!

Here's a peek of what the nursery looks like this week:

The entrance to the nursery - I painted wooden letters found at Lincraft, and dreamcatcher purchased from Etsy

Bookcase from Ikea (does anyone not own this bookcase), vintage cane rocker from my own childhood

I 'borrowed' this design from something I saw in Real Living mag a while back... my mother in law painted it one afternoon while I sat with my bulbous feet in the air directing from the sidelines...

Cane rocker from Ikea, vintage dresser, giraffe cushion from Dwell Studio

More photos of Fern's nursery can be viewed here.

Her nursery was also featured on Spearmint Baby and Kenzie Poo.


  1. lil fern is gona grow up knowing all about style!!!

  2. I would love to feature your Nursery on my blog @ www.kenziepoo.blogspot.com, love it! If you are interested could you email me at r.rachelle@gmail.com. :)

  3. Nicole the nursery is just lovely! You little girl is so lucky and your mother-in-law did a fab job with the mural!


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