Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Polka Dot Nursery

I have a son! Oh wait, have I already mentioned that?

And I love decorating! But perhaps I have mentioned that previously also.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that boy things are (generally speaking) not always particularly inspired. Clothing, for instance... Blue robots. Blue trucks. Blue Aeroplanes. Blue blue blue. Blah blah blah. But now I have my own boy-o, I am challenging of uncovering and discovering unique and inspired designs outside the Thomas the Tank Engine cliche.

Today, I'm uncovering ideas for decorating a little boy's room or playspace. And as a time-poor mother of two, I'm looking no further than Etsy for my purchases, aside from the lamp which I sourced from My Messy Room.

The theme?

Polka Dots!

Here are some fun and handmade ideas for decorating a gorgeous brightly coloured polka-dot themed nursery for your little one. Just a bit of fun on a Wednesday. I hope you like!

Enzo the Weiner Dog US$26

Customised Letter & Name Print US$18
Feelin' Patchy Hand Tied Blanket US$40.95
Fly a Kite Onesie US$25
Japanese Fun! Lamp $65

Fabric polka dot mobile $US75


  1. LOVE that bobble mat and the mobile!!

  2. Thanks for visiting Little Moth! I'm so pleased to have discovered your blog as a result. Loving it, following... and as a single mum to 5 boys, the post on your husband gives me hope that my little men can be sensitive and yet passionate about family and all the really important things. Thanks for sharing such a remarkable and lovely story. I'm moved!! xo Erica

    ps... don't forget to check out Moth Design and Luxe Life, my other two blogs. :)

  3. May I ask where did you get the coloured dot rug/mat? Thx alot ^^"


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