Monday, October 25, 2010

How Many is Too Many?

Here's something you don't yet know about me...

I have a slight perfume fetish. At least, I think I do. But you tell me! How many is too many?

My collection has sort of evolved over time. I have scents for Summer, for Winter, for work, for play... they are gathered from airports, received as gifts, bought on a whim on roadtrips... and still I feel there is room for more!

My current collection looks like this:

It consists of:

Creme Bouquet by Stila (my signature scent)
Prada (bought at Heathrow after visiting Prada in Italy and watching Devil Wears Prada!)
In Two Peony by Stella MacCartney (seemed a good Summery choice)
Chance by Chanel (a duty free purchase, not one of my faves)
Daisy by Marc Jacobs (hubby brought this back from NZ the week I had Elliott!)
Flowers by Kenzo (another duty free purchase, again not one of my faves!)
Romance by Ralph Lauren (my wedding scent)
Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf (love love love this fragrance)
Agent Provocateur (apparently Kylie Minogues fave!)
Pink Grapefruit (bought on a roadtrip down the Southern Highlands)
Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari (such a beautiful scent)

hmmm that looks like quite a list! And the irony is I can't wear any of them at the moment because of my newborn! But each of them has their place in my life at different times. The only one I could not live without is my Stila perfume. I've worn it for years, it sort of smells like talc and vanilla and flowers and is so sweet. Its been discontinued in Australia and so every time I run out I have to source it overseas and it is always quite an ordeal! I think I'm onto at least my 5th bottle!

Looking at my list, I am detecting a bit of a pattern; clearly I like flowery scents! I also note with interest there are no sporty perfumes on my list or perfumes by celebrities (unless you count Stella McCartney). And most of my bottles are pink!

On my wishlist for my next bottle (are you listening, Santa?) is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I smelled this in Myer the other day and swooned. How can I not own this yet?

Do you have a perfume fetish? What's YOUR 'signature scent?'


  1. You can never have enough perfumes! You need a different one for each different mood you're feeling :) My current fave is Chanel no 5. A classic but a goody xx

  2. I have a select few favs that I wear for different occasions and always re-purchase. For everyday yumminess I wear Mariah Carey's 'Butterfly', which I LOVE the scent of and always get comments, it's so me!
    Calvin Klein 'Euphoria Blossom' was my wedding scent.
    For evenings I like the musky scent of Elizabeth Arden's 'Provocative Woman' and for a change or depending what I am wearing I like Guerlaine Paris 'My Insolence'
    I agree you can't have too many!

  3. The Coco Chanel Mademoiselle is my signature smell...before that was Bvlgari...which does nothing for me now... and I struggle to find another fragrance that just hits the spot with me at all. I think your sense of smell changes and you tend to gravitate towards different fragrances at different times.

    Im running quite low on to send some my way? ; ) x

  4. Oh my darling, I giggled when I started reading and completely understand NEEDING different one for each season.. don't feel bad, I have 10+ bottles more than your collection (I think I'm at 22 or 23) inc. Coco Mademoiselle! :P

  5. Son - 22 bottles?!!?!?!!?!? Good lord, luv you are worse than me!!!
    You have all convinced me I NEED that Coco purfume... sooner rather than later!!

  6. I just fell in love with the Stella McCartney original and the rose limited edition she brought out and now i hardly wear any of the others. I do try! I guess too many is probably me...when you don't use them! P.S When do they get too old. I think i may have some over 15 years! Yep...i told you i'd neglected some!

  7. I have to say my daily scents are two from the Gap! :) Dream and Rain Check

  8. I have about 6 or 7 perfumes that I wear reasonably regularly... Flora by Gucci, Stella, Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari, Parisienne by YSL, Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal are the ones I wear most often.

    Bvlgari makes a perfume that is ok for babies - Petits e Mamans... It's quite light and citrusy.

  9. What does it mean, say, if someone doesn't own one bottle of perfume? ...someone like me perhaps :)

  10. I can never decide on what I I never buy any! I think I need to update my old bottles!

  11. He he he! I love perfume! I've even been known to buy a frgrance, not because I like the smell, but because I love the bottle! Agent Provocateur is my all time favourite! And Allure by Chanel. And Miss Dior...

  12. I actually wish that scent was sold in smaller bottles as mine go off before I have the chance to use them all as I do like a few different ones. We seem to have the same taste in perfumes Nicole. :) I LOVE the new Chance eau Tendre by Chanel which I hope Santa brings me! :)

  13. I tend to have quite a few celebrity branded perfumes. Definately not because they are from that certain star, but because they just happen to bring out scents I love! While I am not ashamed of this, I DO tend to hide them when company is coming.

    Also, Is it absolutely sad that I still adore Sunflowers???

  14. i think you need to add some Issey Miyake to that collection (my sig. scent). I really think it would match your collection :)

    i just hate that you have to get such big bottles. i find that i like to mix up my smells, swapping each day, so i need a few, and then they get stale!

  15. You can never have enough....Romance was my wedding scent as well, just gorgeous. I just received 100ml in the post today from Strawberry net for the bargain price of $80.50 and that's free postage too!!

  16. O.k. Looks like I'm the only one who stinketh around here !

    I'm open for any donations though :)

  17. oh Katie, no perfumes... REALLY?!?!!? We must do something about this, immediately if not sooner!!! hint hint to that husband of yours for Christmas!!! xo


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