Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Show it Like it Is' Challenge... are YOU brave enough?

I love all those magazine and blog features where you get to peek into somebodys home to see how they live... doesn't everybody? Its inspiring and I get lots of ideas for my own home through peeking into others'....

But isn't it amazing how shiny and spotless their kitchen is; how their bedroom looks like an Adairs catalogue; how artfully the kids toys are arranged about their designer playroom?

We all know its a facade; nobody lives like that ALL the time... do they?

I will be the first to admit I prefer my home to look like it stepped straight out of the pages of Home Beautiful, and sometimes it does. For about five minutes. But it is next to impossible to maintain for more than an hour... at least while the kids are up!

And so, my friends, I'd like to extend a global challenge to:

Show it like it is when it isn't a showhome!

I know. You'll need to be very brave. But I feel you are up to the challenge! And just to prove I'm not afraid to air my own dirty laundry (so to speak), here's a little peek into my designer kitchen a couple of mornings ago:

I'll admit. It kinda depressed me a little. When my husband leaves for work each morning I always have a little cleaning up to do. But this particular morning, it really took the cake. Last night's dishes piled everywhere, food on the floor, breakfast ingredients all over the bench, coffee-splash up the glass splashback, bits of paper, half-filled bottles of milk, a box of garden round-up and snail pellets and god knows what else staring at me tauntingly, daring me to ignore the spectacle and risk an unannounced drop-in  (the horror!) by a friend or family member. Because we all know unexpected drop-ins only occur when your house looks like the above, right? Clearly, my home was not being photographed for Home Beautiful THAT day!

And now, dear friends, I'd like to extend the 'show it like it is' challenge to YOU!

Just to be extra cheeky, I'm targeting a few yummy-mummies to play along:

Kristi from The Way I See It
Jess from Life's Little Whispers
Tracey from Procrastination Mama
Lizeylou from It's Lizzy Lou
Kalen from K Loves B

Be brave, girls... and if anyone else wants to play, please please do! x


  1. I'm in ... (I must be feeling brave!) How bad can it be??? It's just mess .... right?

  2. Funny - it actually doesn't look as bad as you are making out. To me, it seems lived in and busy as opposed to messy or dirty. I will take one of mine in the morning...

  3. I agree with Jodie. My mess will look way worse! Will see what i can capture this weekend for you! xx

  4. I think the only time my house came close to being a contender for Home Beautiful was when it was on the market and just before the open for inspection.

    To get there I had to kick hubby and Amelie out four hours before the scheduled viewing and worked myself into a cleaning frenzy.

  5. I actually think your kitchen about looks kinda coordinated in a 'messy' sort of way - as Jodie said above, it looks lived in :) Our huge kitchen bench is the place where clutter always accumulates, it becomes a real dumping ground and before I know it, I'm wading through paperwork and 101 other things that don't belong there!

  6. I'm game! I just have to wait to get the most 'accurate' picture :)

  7. Here's my kitchen this morning after breakfast....

  8. Doing it in the morning! :) We've had the stomach flu all week so this is gonna be classic. haha

  9. I love it! I just walked around and took some snaps because I think it is helpful for people to see how we all REALLY live. Hope to blog it soon. My house is tidy from time to time, but not today! Perhaps my photos will encourage people... they can think, "well at least I am not as bad as Bek!" And I will be happy to help!

  10. FAB idea. I'm in!

    I'd be happy if my place looked like yours in that photo... hmmmm... stay tuned for the shocker that is my kitchen right now. I'll post on Sunday just for you, Nic. x

  11. I'm game, I posted pics of my ugly bathroom so anything is better than that! :)

  12. just saw Maxabella's link up....Great idea for a challenge..I shall have to see if i can get brave and organised enough to take the shots...

    love it

    Gill xo

  13. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am looking forward to reading your tonight when my babes drop into bed.
    Love Belinda
    P.s My kitchen can look a lot worse!!!! X

  14. Oh I am very naughty for not doing this already...The idea was making me a bit nauseas because I am nesting like a mad woman and there aint much mess in my nest at the moment! I am sure that will all change in a few short weeks...!!! I am uploading some pics of our kitchen just after brekky time!

  15. Are you kidding? You kitchen looks great!
    I have a cleaning problem so when my 3 month old came around I was determined NOT to let my house down and bombard it with baby stuff, but also with lazy adult messes... how naive I was! LOL


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