Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Handmade Xmas GIft Idea... a Personalised Towel!

Last night, I finished a little sewing project I've had lying around for a few weeks ... it's a personalised bathtowel!

To make, I bought a good quality white Egyptian towel for each of the kids, and some spotty fabric (pink for Fern, green for Elliott) with coordinating ribbon and thread to match. The tricky bit was pinning the ribbon into a cursive script onto the towel (I still haven't tackled Elliott's!) and don't even get me started on how long it took me to negotiate all those twists and turns on the sewing machine! I made a mistake in cutting the fabric for the base of the towel, so Fern's has stitching halfway down where I ran out on the back. And it's kind of wonky because I can't seem to sew in a straight line. Still. I reckon it turned out ok considering my elementary sewing prowess, and once I finish Elliott's I reckon they'll look cute hanging together on the towel rail!

I got the idea from The Crafty Kids by Kelly Doust... this book has some super cute projects and is the sister title to The Crafty Minx, which I also own. I am kind of a craft book addict at the mo (Ive got 2 other titles on order from Santa!). I highly recommend these books to you if you are relatively new to sewing and want to tackle some cute... but relatively easy... projects!

Don't you think this would make a great gift idea? I would have made a few more to offer as gifts if this one hadn't taken me 1700 hours to make! ;) What gifts have you handmade this Xmas?


  1. Looks cool- I made a hand towel the same for our powder room. I didn't share on my blog as it turned out a little questionable ;)

  2. Where you find the time my dear is beyond me... I love it! You are just way too cool for school ;) x

  3. What a gorgeous idea, it looks terrific. I'm currently making library bags and sewing names on using cut out letters and an appelique stitch. I can understand your frustration at how long it takes to sew on the machine. I can't sew straight either and it's driving me mad. I'm starting to curse long names. Good luck with the other towel, I'm sure they're going to look super sweet hanging up together.

  4. So cute! I've been in the middle of making bits and pieces for chrissie....unfortunatly the sewing machine has died!

  5. Gorgeous! I think you did a rad job!!

  6. Oh I love this!!! amazing! well done :)


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