Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Mobiles for Nurseries... Parties... Events... Cubbies?

I love tissue paper pom poms. I do. Doesn't everyone? Am I am sentimental toward them, having made a bunch for my baby shower a million years ago and many an event thereafter... but the idea is getting a bit - well - old, don't you think? So, I was excited to discover this alternative today!

It's a colourful paper mobile constructed from little more than some strips of paper and a line of sewing thread! I love that this mobile would look equally gorgeous in a babies nursery; hanging over a party table; strung from a tree or... I'm thinking, hung in a kids cubby house! And wouldn't it be sweet to make a bunch of these for a baby shower and use it afterward in the nursery? You could of course go all sophisticated and simply use blacks, whites and greys which would be a totally different - but still lovely - look, but I can't go past all that lovely colour!

The instructions for making these colourful mobiles can be found here. Enjoy - I'll be sure to share if I make some for the cubby!


  1. Love these! Yes I think the pom poms have been done! xx

  2. Oh I love :)

    PERFECT distraction object to put over the change table for the little guy when changing his nappy!! Must make one I think

  3. You're so right, the pom pom thing is everywhere (but I love it still... always will?) I really love this look and I've got a 3rd birthday party coming up... thank you! x

  4. love these, but the do look like a bit more work than the pom poms. i think our kids need 2 birthday parties a year just so we can do more decorating :)


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