Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage + tulle + lace = puuuuuurty!

Happy hump day to you! This evening I thought I would share with you a glimpse of a new little collection I have been working on... I've been inspired by the softness and textures and pastels of Spring (yes yes, I know its almost Winter but in my head, Spring is but a breath away...). I've been ransacking the thrift stores for vintage laces and embroideries. And I've been creating a little range for little girls... a range of sweet whimsy and unabashed girly gorgeousness! Think fairy princesses. Tea parties. Dressing up in your grandmothers pearls...  

Two of the pieces are instore now... with much more to come!

US $9.99 from here

Oh, the fun things I have discovered you can do with tulle! Perhaps I was inspired by the royal wedding? More tops, some tulle skirts, headpieces and more to come!

US $14 from here
I really hope you like these, I'm very excited about them!

ps. Don't forget to check my sale section -- onesies on sale til Friday! Don't miss out! x


  1. ohhh i have a weakness for vintage and lace..looks gorgeous i'm sure everyone will love them,if only i had a girl xox

  2. Just beautiful - but please don't say Spring is just a breath away .. . it's barely Spring here and I need some summer time, badly!! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE!!! If only I were ever to have children...

  4. Gorgeous, I love a touch of tulle for a lil one :)


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