Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It is very cool when blogging-buds get the opportunity to move the relationship out of cyber-space and into the 'real' world -- I got this opportunity recently when I met up with Janette from the amazing My Sweet Prints! As suspected, Janette is all kinds of lovely and terribly talented to match... I think future playdates with her Will and my Fern might well be in order!

Anyway, Janette interviewed me on her blog today as part of a series she is doing on 'creative women' ... you can read the interview here!

To celebrate the new financial year, my feature on My Sweet Prints and - well - the fact that I see no reason NOT to celebrate just in general... I'm running a special giveaway and 15% storewide discount to My Sweet Print readers! Want to know more? Visit My Sweet Prints for details! These sales will be rare as hens teeth, let me assure you -- so if you want something you better grab your discount code QUICK, cos the sale ends July 18! Don't miss out!

Win this by visiting here!


  1. Thanks hun, it's my pleasure and we will def have to tee up a playdate very soon!

  2. Oh how I wish I lived closer to you two so Grace and I could join your catch ups :) You've got some gorgeous items in your Etsy shop Nicole, I adore the singlet above which would be perfect for a birthday I have coming up. Loved reading Janette's interview with you, I always wondered what you did for a job before becoming a Mum :)

  3. Hi Nicole, I found you through Janette's your etsy shop, looking forward to following you!
    Suzie xx


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