Monday, July 4, 2011

Now I am 10 Months...

10 months? Good-golly-mollie, only one more of these monthly posts and I'll be helping to blow out my sonny-boy's first birthday candle!

10 months and tearing about with purpose. If he wants it, it doesn't matter what it's gonna take to get it!
10 months and eating more than my 2.5 year-old.
10 months and a mouthful of toothy-pegs.
10 months and the ability to sip from a glass without spilling!
10 months and comfortable to crawl about the house for an hour at a time, by himself just looking. Discovering. Tasting. Dreaming, no doubt, of ways of creating future mischief... eating toilet rolls. Pulling the rubbish out of the bin. Eating that too. Pulling the glass lamp down off the stand. Climbing into the dishwasher. Pulling bottles of spirits out of the pantry and sucking the spout like a wino...

10 months, and 10 billion reasons I cannot imagine my life without my sonny-boy in it.

Love you, Elli-boo.


  1. so cute!! do you have a date for the party as yet so I can lock it into my calender?

  2. He is so gorgeous Nicole! And the other day Gemma and I were both commenting how we couldn't get over how he just holds his own against the big kids like he's older than them :)
    I remember when you announced that you were preg, I can't believe he's 2mths off being 1 already!


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