Thursday, June 30, 2011

Modelling BM3 Outtakes....

This week, I photographed one of my best friend Belinda's gorgeous baby girl wearing some my new designs... little Lily is 8 months old, and such an adorably petite little creature AND she seems to have taking a shining to my little Elliott! She looked so adorable in the designs (some of which are in store, others to come by Spring!) But working with babies and kids in general can be challenging... and even the most patient of babies get frustrated and bored with costume changes and being asked to sit still for any length of time! I managed to get some beautiful shots of Lily, but in between were a couple of funnies which I couldn't resist with sharing with you:

Life's too short to sit still...
 Amongst my new range I'm working on for Spring are these baby fairy skirts made from layers of Tulle, vintage crochet detailing, lace and fabric. Stay tuned, folks!

ps. Baby Boy bow ties still on sale for $10 each -- but only til Sunday! Grab them from my Madeit site and make YOUR boy-o the coolest kid in the crowd!

pps. If you are located on the Central Coast and have a gorgeous baby boy or girl who would like to model my designs -- please contact me! I'm always looking for babies and mine have grown up way too fast! 


  1. The crocheted detail on the little top is so pretty, love it :)

  2. Showing my directionally/geographically challenged self here - I had to google to figure out whether Coffs Harbour is anywhere near the Central Coast!! Sadly it's a bit of a hike, which is a bummer because that's where my friend with two adorable and BM3 appropriate kids lives - gah! Love all the new stuff! :)

  3. Oh that last picture is so cute. And yes, life is too short to sit still!

  4. Haha. love the middle shot "I'm outta here...". My bub is 8 months old and just started crawling so I can totally relate.


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