Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bowties for BOYS - celebration SALE now!

Hello my possums... sorry I've been a bit scant this week; Elliott has a fever and to be honest, sleep is a luxury not a right at the moment! Just trying to keep my eyeballs open with toothpicks today...

Anyway, I did get a bit of exciting news this morning (or is it afternoon, I can't tell...) when Madeit featured one of my little by bow ties on their front page for a 'party' feature! I've only fairly recently starting listing on Madeit, so I am terribly flattered to be on the front page of this gorgeous handmade and AUSSIE site!

To celebrate, I'm listing my brand new bow ties for just 10 bucks until this Sunday!

My bow ties really are terribly cute (if I don't say so myself!) and:

- sturdy, with a little pin on the back to attach to a onesie or collared shirt
- appropriate for babies, toddlers, little boys...
- perfect for special occasions, parties, dinners or just general looking too cool for school
- a great little gift
- available in a range of patterns, colours and fabrics
- did I mention ON SALE UNTIL SUNDAY?

Buy them on Madeit here and checkout the range below, modelled by the gorgeous Joshua (Fern's love interest ;) and lil Elliott:

I hope you like, and feel free to tell your friends about my sale! 
Right, off to have a triple-shot-flat-white...... x


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