Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He who will not walk.

"Boy-o does not walk.

Well, to be fair he does, but only if he's holding onto something. Like my finger. Or the furniture.

But most of the time, he's content to crawl.

And the irony is not lost on me that at six months, I was bragging my head off to anyone who would listen (including you -- sorry, folks!) that my son would be walking within weeks! At six months, my son was crawling. Standing before seven months.

Surely - surely walking would be the next logical step?

It appears not.

Boy-o, as it turns out, is an incredibly efficient crawler. He's fast. I (who was once the Nunawading Little Athletics under-sevens champion - I'm just saying) once got down and raced him just to see how good he really is. He beat me to the line with no sweat at all.


Worriedly, I asked a doctor as his 12-month weigh-in (disguised as an immunisation) whether it was normal not to be walking. My daughter-o didn't crawl til 9 months and even SHE was walking by 13 months.

The Doctor smiled indulgently and told me no, there was nothing wrong with his legs and no, I probably didn't need intervention. Yet.

When Elliott was 10 months old I went to get a skin-cancer check (gotta be careful!) and something the nurse said has stuck with me.

Upon witnessing my son tear his way across the surgery on his hands and knees in half a second flat to grab the scalpel placed seemingly out of his chubby-baby-pawed-reach, she said "you know, I bet your little boy will be a late walker".

"Why do you say that?" I said.

"Because look how good he is at crawling", she said. "He has no need to walk."

And at the time, I took little stock.

But now, Im sitting up and taking notice. Because unfortunately there seems to be little Elliott can't do that he could do if he was walking: He climbs up and down stairs and onto the lounge and our bed and can get out of the bath if he desires. He can make his way out of the house and up the stairs and over the grass and into the cubby before I even notice he's missing!

No folks, my son has decided he has no desire or need to walk.

And so he doesn't.

Why should he? He knows if he stands holding onto my knees screaming up at me he'll get picked up... sooner or later. Little bugger. And crawling is so easy to him. Walking is scary apparently -- and he hasn't quite worked out that you can bend your legs when you take steps. He prefers to walk stiff as a board with one paw wrapped firmly around your finger for support. I mean, how much support can you get from one finger?! But the second you let that finger, BAM! He hits the deck in a panic.

At what point should I be worried? He's only 14 months now, but will my son be crawling into University lectures if I don't intervene... ?

I'd love your own experiences on this -- when did your child walk and were you worried about it? Am I going to be laughing at myself worrying about this in 3 months time?!!? Do share! xx

Elliott and Dan. Not walking. Not a problem!


  1. This is incredible Nicole. We are going through the exact same thing right now. Our boy is 15 months old and he also can walk holding onto things, really well. He has taken about 5 steps on his own in total and I got all excited and even posted on my blog about him finally walking. Then.... nothing. 5 steps is all he will do, before dropping to the floor commando style and powering off crawling. He is also fast and efficient and climbs like crazy. So I guess he has no need to crawl either. But it hasn't stopped me worrying, as his brother was walking at 13 months. It always makes me cringe a bit when I hear people say that the subsequent children of the family should do everything sooner because they've got someone to copy. Just not the case in our household I'm afraid :o/
    So you're not alone hun. Maybe our boys are just biding their time, before they really unleash on us... and they'll probably run really fast once they're up ;o) xo

  2. There is always something to wear the worry hat about, isn't there?
    Hey, any worry is valid. Unfounded or not.
    A developmental physio told me that an 8 month old Magoo would "never walk with those lax joints of his".
    I bawled.
    I can laugh now - but I truly did have visions of this poor little kid of mine unable to coordinate a few steps.
    Magoo did walk - at 15 months.
    I was so excited for him and relieved for myself!!
    Hindsight is so luxurious.
    You will probably look back and giggle one day, but for now it's okay to feel concern. It shows we love 'em. Doesn't it?!

  3. I didn't walk until I was almost 21 months. At the time it was my first visit to see my paternal grandparents, so now I like to say I was saving it for them, so they would have something new to see :) We have some friends whose daughter is 18 months and only weighs 17 pounds. But she's happy and healthy apart from the odd cough here and there, and will catch up eventually. They have similar worries, but I think that's common for all parents. I think I am going to be the worst worrier!! :) He'll start waking when he figures out it's the next step in keeping up with his big sister!

  4. I can relate! My boy was crawling at 6 months and I thought exactly what you did "surely he will be walking in a few weeks!" ha ha, oh no, he had other plans. My boy didn't start walking until he was 16 months, and then it was only basic first steps. He walked on his own confidently at 18 months. All concerns are valid, but he will get there. In his own time :-)

  5. I used to worry about this too! Finn walked at 13mths but Jasper didn't walk until 17mths! I thought it would never happen but he did it when he was ready. Now he runs everywhere! xx

  6. My older daughter was also a super late walker, 20 months! She's only just become toilet trained at 3 and a half. She's super clever and she's also a bit of a perfectionist which is why I think she was so late. I wouldn'tbe worried unless your gut tells you so :)


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