Thursday, October 20, 2011

Studio Lighting

I've decided, folks. As much as I would love to claim the whole gigantic (well, gigantic compared to the kitchen table) space downstairs as Bubby Makes Three headquarters... I can't do it. We simply need an extra space for the kids. And an option for when people come to stay. Which admittedly isn't often, but often enough to make pulling sheets onto the lounge annoying.

And so. My space downstairs is in fact going to be two rooms, connected by a sliding door and with the addition of a little 'powder' room as well.

A little studio! To call my very own! So excited.

But as usual, I am drilling down on all the finer details (like what sort of pencil tin to sit prettily on my new desk, and what artwork to hang on the wall) before I contemplate the boring stuff like measurements and where the hell the plumbing connects to and so on. I found myself on Etsy last night, researching prints. I want one that says "love what you do, do what you love" Its kinda my mantra and motto.

And then yesterday I picked up my new lights.

No, I haven't booked an electrician.

No, I don't even have the space divided yet into two rooms.

But I have my lights, folks and the rest will work itself around it!

My studio light? I purchased this one:

bought here

It's a fancy office light granted, but what the hey. I want a light, bright, white studio space with pops of yellow, green and turquoise and I thought this light would work a treat! And I plan to team it with a desk lamp that I am repurposing from an existing Ikea lamp I own -- but I'll save that for another blog post!!

And the playroom/ spare room light I chose is this one (the one on the far left):

It is a bit more sophisticated and soft and will match the chocolate carpet I'm putting down on the floor. Chocolate + kids = smart.choice. 

And so, its officially begun, folks! Studio bm3 -- here I come!!!!

Have a lovely weekend, do tell me what you'll be getting up to, its gonna be sunny! x


  1. Oh WOW Nicole, this all sounds so exciting and SUCH a great choice you've made. A little bit for everyone, lovely! :o)
    The lights are superb, you've definitely put some good thought into the lighting concept... now for all the other bits and pieces. Look forward to seeing this journey unfold xo

  2. Loving your lighting!
    What an exciting project - enjoy!

  3. I would love to create my own space. Unfortunately 2 bedroom apartment living doesn't really lend itself to that at the moment :) This is just the beginning of big BM3 things!

  4. Your office light is AWESOME. Two enthusiastic thumbs up :)


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