Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ahoy! You there! Master renovator -- I need YOU!

If you squint your eyes a little bit and use a LOT of imagination..... do you reckon you can visualise this space as a light 'n' bright, gorgeously styled mini-studio, extra bedroom/ kids playroom with ensuite?!

I must admit, I'm finding it difficult. But have I just lost my mojo?

Folks, this ill-used, back-of-double-garage, cockroach infested once-storage room is destined for great things. And soon. Because Bubby Makes Three is literally taking over my house and I literally. cant. cope. any more!!

Its the length of a double garage and a few metres wide (do you love how I have measured it out so accurately?). I can't find my measuring-tape. Fern was 'measuring the lounge' and then it disappeared. Into Fern's abyss. grr.

Yesterday, the space was ransacked. We took everything out - everything that was left from our recent ebay pillage, that is! We ripped up the carpet (I use the term 'carpet' loosely!) and I stood at one end trying to work it all out. And struggled. I'm still struggling.

This is what it looked like before we cleared it out (and bear in mind, I've not let anyone see this room in 5 years so its a big deal for me to be broadcasting this disaster zone across the internet!!)

this end...

...and that end
But once we cleared (most of) it out and I took a Nurafen to clear the headache we were left with this:

Does this look like a beautiful, creative space just waiting to happen?

Help, folks, someone is coming over tomorrow to give me a quote to build walls and plaster bricks and the like, and I have no idea what I'm asking for!

What would you do if this was YOUR space and you needed 3 rooms in one? Got any inspiration you can send me or refer me to?

Thanks in advance!! x

ps. I do have paint. Bought it a few weekends ago. Dulux were giving away a tin of jelly-beans with every 8 ltrs sold. SOLD, folks! Nope, didn't bother with test swatches. Got Dulux Lexicon half-strength just because it looked bright and white and merrily carried it and my tin of jelly beans away from the store. Wondering how long it takes to inhale a tin of jelly-beans? In case you think that is about a years-worth, think again. I literally ate my way through a tin of jelly beans in two weeks flat. Even the black ones. Them I went and had a filling put in my mouth. But it was worth it... damn good jelly beans, they were........ x


  1. Oh the potential..the options are endless lovely !

    I would say go with creating the room/s of whatever you are lacking in the house.
    If you are finding yourself frustrated because of lack of space to get creative..then definitely make this your studio/ spare bedroom. ( this was my initial instinct..I think it would work beautifully.

    Although a playroom would be a great way of keeping the rest of the house less toys and mess everywhere.

    Go with what you will get most use out of and need more space for.

    Spare bedrooms are great..but if you hardly have people stay over then really I think its a waste.

    I would paint the walls and over the exposed brick rather than panel board it up...the brick adds a lovely texture to the room. Perhaps even keep that back wall exposed and as is...adds a quirky little retro feel to the space and would make a fantastic feature wall..lots of eclectic prints or artwork would look awesome.

    Jazz up those windows to cover up those heritage green screens.

    What are you thinking for flooring? is that underlay you have at the moment?

    Will send you some images for inspiration...but've got a great space to work with hon...will be lots of fun!!

    A x

  2. Its an awesome space Nicole! Perfect!! I would save your money on the plaster and paint the brick- i love the look of painted brick! Spend the $$ on some fun furniture.

    Don't even think about sharing this space with your kids! Make it all yours! Little roller racks for baby clothing, hooks to display new designs and so on!


  3. Oh you make me laugh Nicole... though I would have a headache after a clean out like that too! AND I would scoff a tin of jelly beans in no time flat ;o)
    WOW! I must say I envy your space, even if you can't quite decide how to use it. I would go wild with space like that... as we live in a terrace, we have virtually NO space to play with and storage is non-existent.
    A skylight would be magic in this room or even a sky window. Covering up the bricks might be the way to go also. Personally, I'd do anything to have a designated play area for the boys and somewhere perfect for those rainy days. However, with all the creating you do, you definitely deserve a nice special space to spread your wings. Can't wait to see what you do with your spare room :o) xo

  4. Ok so you have been talking about turning this room into a spare guest room with ensuit since you moved in...and I for one think that a great idea :-) Howver, you DO need a home office (trust me, owning a small business myself I TOTALLY know. So why not do it all? You can great some really great looking sofa beds these days. A bathroom needs only be a few meters by a few meters to fit a simple toilet, sink, shower. Obviously the ensuit goes off to the far wall, so take those measurements out of te equation now. Id have a work bench, a desk (trust me you gonna need both) and all your office equip (filing cabnets, printers etc) under the bright windows, have some great storage shelving on the bare wall for decoration and Ferns delights...and viola. I would totally come and stay ;-)

  5. Wow, that's a multi-function room you've got there. Rooms with multiple uses are always tricky to organise/decorate: have a look at how Dana did it over at Housetweaking
    Love her style! (No, I'm not related to her, I just love her house!)


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