Thursday, September 29, 2011

Every kids cubby needs one of these... ?

When I revealed the kids' cubby at the start of this year, I considered it pretty much complete. My husband disagreed. He disappeared out one day and came back hours later with a big plastic bag and a big smile on his face.

I was suspicious.

A large box materialised from the bag. And my husband disappeared to find a shovel. For the next few hours he dug a trench and threaded a rather long cable in my garden.

In the windowsill of my kitchen appeared a little white box with a button on the top. And from up inside the cubby, I could suddenly hear the sound of voices.

Yes folks, the cubby now had an intercom.

One with hidden wires so the kids couldn't meddle with it and so we could 'eavesdrop' on them for giggles whenever the fancy struck.

Dan had a smile from ear to ear; he envisaged the kids ordering vegemite sandwiches from inside the cubby.

Our daughter was two. Our son, about 6 months.

In reality, Fern was terrified of it. So terrifed was she, in fact, that we had to remove the said intercom for a few months. But kids grow...

and now? It's kinda fun.

And sometimes, while Im working away in the kitchen I hear "bzzzzzzz" "bzzzzzzzz"

I click the 'on' button in the intercom.

"Yes, fern? How can I help you?"

"mum?" "mum?"

"yes, Fern?"



"why-does-the-elephant-go-so-slow-mum? mum?"

"I dont know Fern, why does he?"

"because he's so biiiiig!" says my daughter.

And when the kids are in there together, I sometimes sneakily turn the intercom on to hear what they are up to. I like to hear their giggles. Fern's bossiness. "no, bub! Thats mine!" Laughter. The odd tears.

An intercom. For the kids. Yes, definitely for the kids.

Every cubby needs an intercom, non?


  1. Now that is a classic, Nicole! I am definitely showing this post to Mr PB. I suspect we might end up with the same thing on Planet Baby ☺. J x

  2. Oh how totally cool! Your hubby is a clever Dada isn't he!? I am giggling to myself at the thought of my hubby doing something like this... let's just say we'd have next to no chance of it happening ;o)
    So cute that you can hear their conversations, those are the things that make being a Mama so special, listening to your little ones taking their place in the big world around them. Enjoy Nicole :o) xo

  3. What a great idea! I love listening to Grace chat away to her toys when she thinks no ones listening :)

  4. Such a fun idea. They will be summoning you for drinks before you know it! x

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, returning the favour.
    Wow!! Your little things for little people are GORGEOUS! I just popped over to your Made It store. Love it. :)

  6. What a cool idea, I can totally imagine Max barking orders at me through the intercom if we have one in the future!


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