Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Saturday, I'm grateful for... "oh look!! Bub's up THERE!"

The joyous simplicity of children.

This Saturday AM, the back doors were open and I was inside getting dressed. My husband and daughter went outside and shared a quiet moment.

They must have been outside for at least a few minutes.

"oh look, bub's up THERE!" my daughter proclaimed suddenly.

"Nicole! Come see!" shouted my husband.

So I came. And I saw.

Elliott was up in the flower pot.

IN. The flower pot.

Quiet. Content. Picking little native daisies one by one. Tasting. Feeling.

He must have been in there a good few minutes before anyone noticed him.

The joyous simplicity of children. This Saturday, I'm grateful for that. x


  1. Hahahaha...thats adorable...little mischievous Elliot ; )

  2. Awww.
    That's so adorable!
    He looks very happy with himself.

  3. Those small people are fast you know! Very cute!

  4. That's the cutest! He doesn't need to walk; he gets into flower pots just fine :)

  5. such sweetness and serenity. we have so much to learn from children.

  6. My goodness how beautiful. He looks most happy with himself.

    I am envious of your beautiful backyard.


  7. that is so cute! what a sweet little man! :)

  8. This is too gorgeous by far Nicole. Love the story and the pictures are priceless. What a beautiful boy... and a beautiful garden too! :o) xo


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