Thursday, November 17, 2011

And now, back to (my!) studio...

Hey guys! How has been the week that was? As usual mine has flown at the speed of light -- where does time go? Firstly, can I thank everyone who gave me some great advice re re-covering my lamp; I dont feel nearly as intimidated now! Gonna try to give it a try over the weekend! But today I wanted to share with with you a little studio update!

A lot has happened since my last post and my previously hideously rat-infested back-of-garage room now has the distinct resemblance of a studio, a bedroom and a little bathroom! The studio space is going to be small -- about 2x3 metres in total, which isn't large by any means. But its a damn sight larger than the kitchen table, I can assure you!

My husband is dreaming up the makings of a built-in wraparound desk so I have plenty of counter-top on which to work (I do tend to spread myself about) and I'm planning lots of pigeon holes underneath and shelves above the desk in which to hold all my stuff. The walls have gone up. I've ordered the carpet. And now I have a week-and-a-half to finish the gyprocking, install the sliding doors between the studio and bedroom and into the bathroom, do all the priming and painting, tile the bathroom, and finish the electrical before my carpet arrives and is installed! Eeeeek!

Here's some (really bad) pics so you can see the progress:
looking from the long end past my studio (its got a half wall and no door into my space; didnt want to close it all in... and into the new bedroom
my studio! Not using that desk, just there to measure depth. And the door is just leaning there for support! Don't you love my awesome pics?! ;)

the rumpus/ spare bedroom and ensuite!

What are you up to over the weekend? Me -- I'll be making lots of bm3 orders and hopefully catching the latest Twilight flick. There, I said it. Im a closet Twi-hard ;)


  1. Lookin good Nicole :-)

    Don't worry, I have tix to see Breaking Dawn this Sunday

  2. Exciting (and busy) times.
    you are going to looove your new space.

  3. My goodness Nicole! You have so much going on in these pics, what a vision! Very excited for you and can't wait to see the pics of completion someday soon I expect :o) xo

  4. So exciting Nicole, how awesome to be getting your own space!


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