Saturday, November 12, 2011

Like the Book? Buy the Fabric!

One day recently as I was idly browsing Amazon for crafty book inspiration, I spied some eye-candy in the form of this tome:

If pictures speak 1000 words... need I even go on? Needless to say, I bought it. Immediately.

Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli offers some glorious sewers-porn in the form of patterns: girl's dresses, fairy skirts, hair accessories, cushions and all things girlie. All beautifully photographed and presented in a hard-cover complete with hot-pink ribbon tie. With the most divine fabrics to drool over on every page.

I mean.

Jennifer is American though, and I've never even seen this gorgeous book on local bookshelves. You can therefore imagine my excitement when I discovered today that new local online Fabric Emporium Fabric Traders stocks Jennifer Paganelli fabrics!!!

The best thing is you can mix and match from pretty much any in the range and you can't go wrong...

Pretty reasonably priced too at $14 a metre; and I'll be grabbing these ones to make some Summer dresses with for bm3... and for Fern too.

Do your eyes glaze over at the sight of fabric swatches? Or do you too look at colours and patterns like a big juicy hamburger?! Do tell!

Happy weekend.....


  1. Oooo gorgeous patterns AND fabrics. An embarrassment of riches there Nicole :o) Look forward to having a peek at the wonderful things you create from them xo

  2. Wow, absolutely gorgeous. When I see beautiful fabric likes these it makes me wish even harder that I have a girl next!

  3. I love looking at fabrics but so frustrating as I can't sew or make anything! Love the changes to your header too xx


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