Monday, January 9, 2012

My Cutest Creation Ever?

Happy New Year to you! My resolution to be more diligent in maintaining and updating my blog has clearly already fallen to the wayside so let's just forget all about that! My resolution not to eat sugar only lasted til morning tea time on New Year's Day when I was proffered a soft-centred Darryl Lea choc; resolutions blew away like a petal into the breeze... peff. There's always next year...

Anyway. Amongst the goodies I DO have in store for you this year include a peek into my brand new little studio (delayed only until I drag the vacuum downstairs and clean up the fabric debris - this week, I promise!), and an ongoing interview series with interesting, creative and inspiring artisians. I want to showcase some of the amazing creative talent out there which will inspire me - and hopefully - you to harness your inner creative in 2012!

But today I want to share with you a new creation; one I reckon might be up there in being the cutest I've ever made. I can't take the creative credit for it; I bought a pattern. I couldn't help myself. A mousy headband, tee-shirt design (haven't made this one yet) and handbag. I fell in love as soon as I saw the pattern. The bag, though a touch more time consuming than it looks (its fully lined and lots of hand detailing) is so sweet I want one in my size! I had a lot of fun playing around with fabrics and here is my interpretation:

What do you think? There is no license on this pattern so I'm thinking of making a few more to list in my shop; just think of the fabric possibilities! I'm also going to make the matching outfit this week which I'll show you shortly after! It is too cute for words! Do you want one in YOUR size? xx


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That is just too much cuteness for me to take! I LOVE IT!!!!! And I do want an entire ensemble in my size :) hehehehe! Well done my dear, you're onto a big winner with that one!

  2. How gorgeous is that! I want one for me!! x

  3. This is adorable - I wish I had half your talent and creativity :)

  4. Love them! How absolutely gorgeous!!
    I have recently gotten my sewing machine back out and made a dress for my daughter and now I am making another 4 for my friends girls! You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your creations and getting my creative juices flowing!!

  5. Just beautiful. I'd love one of the bags. You should certainly make some for the store.

  6. It is utterly superb Nicole. Such a beautiful girly little top and I would SO wear one like that myself :o) xo


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