Monday, January 23, 2012

Très Adore...

Over Christmas I dillied and dallied over a few new creations for my store; last week I finally got around to finishing some of them. And, whilst they look cute pegged up on my studio wall, nothing beats trying them on a real live model! My own kiddies are growing way too rapidly and lil Fern is getting a wee bit old to be scampering around in ruffled bloomers so when I can get my hands on a friend's baby to model my creations I do!

Late last week, a girlfriend was kind enough to loan her adorable daughter to me for an hour or so. We headed down to the lake about 3pm with my dusty camera in tow. It was a little bit shadowy and the light wasn't quite perfect..... but the clothes looked adorable on her (if Im allowed to say so myself) and Im pretty darn proud of how the shots came out. I guess I did pay a little attention during all those Community college camera courses and uni tutes about composition. And thank goodness for a bit of (free!) editing software!

Right. Now I've finished blowing my own trumpet, here's a looksy at one of the new creations I've added to my store as modelled by little Leila. Don't you want to eat her up? 

ps. If you (or someone you know) live on the Central Coast and have an adorable baby <12 months and would like to 'loan' their modelling services to me, do enquire within!!



  1. Awwww.
    Beautiful - the bub and your handiwork.

  2. Oh Leila AND your beautiful creations are totally scrumptious! Gorgeous! Love that you're looking for little cuties to model your clothing, I'm sure you'll get plenty of takers when they see what stunning photos you take :o) xo

  3. Gorgeous as always Nicole! And Leila is divine, those eyes are incredible!

  4. so sweet. the outfit is adorable.


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