Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nursery in a box!

Have you/ did you ever wish you could just order your gorgeously stylish nursery in a box? You know, just hand over your trust and credit card to someone with impeccable taste who would transform your white box into a beautiful and functional space for your babe-to-be? On a -- gulp -- budget?

Well, now you can!

Many of us would love to create a stylish, modern, cohesive nursery space... but not all of us have the vision or know-how to pull it all together. The magazines make it look so easy, but there is a reason interior designers are paid to do what they do! And not all of us can afford to hire our own personal interior designer...

There are tons of baby stores out there of course, but not all of us are excited by the Winnie the Pooh matching duvet/ wall decals/ lamp set or the Fisher Price musical mobile and its hard to know where to go for something both unique, affordable and stylish!

Well, look no further than Little Maison. I stumbled upon founder Leah via her blog a long while back; we're both mumtrepeneurs with young kids and I really adore her style. Her 'Nursery in a Box' concept makes nursery design a cinch! Simply pick your gender and budget and Leah does the rest! Gorgeous furniture (LOVE those egg chairs!), unique linen and decorative pieces make your nursery the perfect space for your tot.  Here are some images from Leah's site; do pop over for the breakdowns and pricing etc -- I really wish I'd known about this when I was struggling to put Fern's room together! Have fun looking xx

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