Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Build a Vertical Garden!

Got an ugly outside wall you want to hide? Pressed for outdoor ground space? Want to add some 'wow' impact to your garden?

Why not build-yer-own vertical garden?!

All the celebs are doing it. Well, landscapey celebs anyway. I've seen the idea on TV and in magazines and it always looks amazing but it has always appeared difficult and - moreover - expensive to try at home.

But, flicking through a recent issue of Real Living magazine my heart literally stopped when I saw this DIY idea for a vertical garden! It was lust at first sight and I clipped the page out immediately, knowing this was a project I absolutely must have a go at!

My kitchen has three windows - two of which are at bench top height and one of which peers out to an ugly side wall, the next door neighbour's house and the dog kennel. Sexy. This space was screaming for a makeover!


So happy with the result! And I am kinda loving that the screen is pretty much invisible from the rest of our garden because this is a sectioned off area at the back of the paved courtyard; its only from inside or from the clothesline (!) that you can see the new vertical garden, loving this little element of surprise!

Want to make one yourself? It's easy, folks(she says, although husband did pretty much all the work!)

You'll need:

- A pallet (we stole salvaged one from Bunnings)
- A roll of weed mat (about $4)
- A large piece of plywood
- Nails
- 4 bags of good quality potting mix
- Screws and bolts to fix to the wall 
- Staple gun
- Plants!
- Sharp knife

1. Nail your plywood to the back of the pallet as the backing... Unroll your weed mat into each side of the pallet so that you create a 'pot' for your plants to go into. 
Staple the mat to the sides of the pallet so it affixes (and won't drop out of the pallet once filled with soil!)

2. Lift your pallet upright and affix to wall using your screws (ask at the hardware for advice depending on the type of wall/ fence you are fixing to!)
3. Fill each side of your pallet with potting mix.

Note Dan's costume change... halfway through project, he went for a mountain bike ride. Then came back and resumed work!
4. Using your knife, cut holes where you want plants to go.

5. poke your plants into said holes (I chose little potted coloureds which will grow to 15 cm's and ideally cover a lot of the wooden slats you see, and mine are shade resistant because they are against a shady wall... but YOU could go to town if your vertical garden is in full sun! Strawberries, herbs, flowers... the possibilities are endless!)
6. Water in well. 

That's pretty much it, folks! Do let me know if you give this one a go, I'd love to see!


  1. That looks great. We have a spot on the side of the shed where one would look great- wonder if strawberries would grow there?

  2. I love it.
    What a great solution for ugly, uninspiring spaces - and believe me, I've got some of those here!
    :-) xx

  3. That is totally gorgeous Nicole! Bravo on the solution to the unsightly wall. Loving those pretty little viola pansy flowers too, they are just so cute. Haha, liked the step-by-step instructions and costume change mid-construction too. Thanks for sharing hun xo

  4. That photo of Fern is gorgeous!!

  5. What a great project! We have two rooms that look out to a colourbond fence, so this sounds like a perfect solution!

  6. I love this Nicole!! The flowers look gorgeous in there :)

  7. The flowers do look really nice in there.


  8. How to keep it from being a possum smorgasboard...


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