Monday, April 2, 2012

Additions to Fern's Room...

There were a couple of recent additions to Fern's big-girl room last week that I thought I'd share with you today... coupled with my guilt at neglecting the kids' bedrooms over the last 12 months while I've been busy setting up my business and inspired by the pretty girl's bedroom I shared with you the other day, I decided it was time to start redecorating my daughter's little space!

It started when I bought this piece on a whim...

I was driving past Preston Hunter Interiors and was having a little bo-peep through the window when I spied this little cane and wood side table... it's up cycled and vintage, it was half price and I luuuuuuuuuurve it. Done!

My daughter previously had an even more vintage side table that was more than a little wobbly and in desperate need of a revamp. That one is moving to my 'get round to it one day' pile! This one boasts a drawer, space to hold books and toys and can be painted any manner of fun colours; Im thinking turquoise once I tire of the white gloss!

But when we installed the table I realised Fern needed a little light for next to her bed. I looked online and considered one from fellow Madeit seller Lulu's Lamps. Her lamp shades are handmade and divine but I couldn't find quite the fabric I was after, so I decided to make my own.

I found a base and shade at good old Kmart for a whopping $15:

Then Fern and I went to a couple of fabric stores and chose this fabric:

... and then we made this with it:

... loving that the whole thing cost about $20 so when we tire of the fabric or when Elliott breaks it ;) it is easily replaceable! 

So now that wall of Fern's looks like this:

... and Fern and I are happy! So pretty. But I have other plans for my daughter's room in the pipeline, so stay tuned, folks!  

Did you get up to any DIY over the weekend that was? 


  1. gorgeous! you are very clever to make that lamp :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful.
    Fern is a lucky little lady.
    :-) xx

  3. Fern's room is beautiful. The side-table and lamp look perfect in there :)

  4. Oh you have such gorgeous style Nicole, lucky little ones to have Mama on the case for their rooms. That lamp is stunning, so nice to be able to whip it up yourself too... makes it even more special xo

  5. So pretty! My daughter has an almost identical (minus the drawer, 2 shelves instead) cane bedside table that was mine growing up. It could do with a paint and some styling - it is covered in a jumble of tissues/books/ drink bottles/ miscellaneous items including an ugly clock radio because she likes to know what time it is! Lovely lamp - tutorial please??
    Anne x

  6. The room looks gorgeous and you did a super fantastic job on the lamp shade! Thankyou for the plug! Kristen

  7. Gorgeous Nicole. Pretty and restful.

  8. I'm sure they don't care you neglected the room. They are just happy to be able to spend time with you.



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