Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make: Girl's Butterfly Headband!

Over the weekend, Fern and I did a little craft we thought we'd share with you...

Fern's handmade headband!

We made girlie headbands! So super-duper easy-peasy that YOU can make some too! We made one for Fern and one for a friend. Want to know how to make one too?

We visited the $2 shop to start with and chose the following materials at a total cost of $7.50

You need:

Headbands (obviously!)
Embellishments: flowers, butterflies, beads, birdies, ribbons, crochet bits -- anything goes!
Hot glue gun (or strong craft glue)
Fabric scraps

The first thing we did was tear a thin strip of fabric and wrap it tightly around the whole headband, fastening at each end with the hot-glue gun.

Then, I glued a piece of vintage crochet I found lying around and one of the butterflies from the $2 shop onto the side. (ooops no pic of this step!)

We then started twisting the fabric flowers around the side and top of the headband:

And truly, the whole thing took <30 mins and this is the finished product:

As mentioned previously, we made two -- one for Fern and one for a friend at preschool who will be getting a little surprise in her cubicle this week! We hope she likes it!

Give it a go with your little girl one rainy day... you can't get this project wrong and you can go to creative town! Enjoy! xx


  1. You are so creative!! My daughter loves headbands!

  2. Awww that is a gorgeous project you did together, the finished product is beautiful. Fern looks so pretty and very happy with herself too! Amazing how simple and cheap things can be, with a little bit of imagination xo


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